Yu Got A Deal!

It was announced earlier today the Texas Rangers and Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish have agreed to a contract. The contract has been reported as a 6 year, $60 million contract. But as more details have leaked out, the contract is in fact a 5 year deal, for 56 million, which is what Darvish wanted to begin with. The 6th year is an option year, which the Rangers wanted. And the Extra 4 million is said to be in bonuses if certain benchmarks are hit. Everybody is walking away happy in this one.

Fortunately the fans should be the happiest of all; John Daniels and Nolan Ryan did this the right way and didn’t compromise the future of the club doing it. If Yu Darvish can step in and become the type of pitcher he has been in Japan, then he will become another beloved foreign import to a local professional team. This should signify to the rest of the Major leagues the Texas Rangers, once a little push over and afterthought are now major players in the market.

If Yu can become the type of pitcher his “You Tube” clips have suggested, then he will own this town. There has always been one thing that seems to keep the Rangers from breaking through that imaginary ceiling; quality and consistent pitching. This move could help remedy the issue. Darvish appears to have the qualities to become an “Ace” staff pitcher. The Rangers are also loaded with additional quality pitching prospects still sitting in the minors. Obviously if Yu works out this pitching rotation looks to be stacked for the foreseeable future.

One major level of confidence I have in the choice…it was overseen, studied, planned and approved by Nolan Ryan. The Rangers have done their homework, so I for one plan to be content with their decision. Of course only time will tell, but having Nolan put his stamp of approval on the selection is good enough for me.

Welcome to Texas Yu!

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7 thoughts on “Yu Got A Deal!

  1. Good article Kody. Lots of money…but I agree about your thoughts pertaining to Nolan. Good luck Yu

    • After some of the darkest days I can remember, it is really exciting to be a Rangers fan. Only thing that could be better is a World Series Title.

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