Youthful Rotation Proving itself for the Rangers

When the season started there was a loud and audible groan from the Rangers fan base when the starting pitching rotation was announced. Anchored behind staff ace CJ Wilson and veteran pitcher Colby Lewis was a cast of young and unproven pitchers. Matt Harrison was the most proven pitcher as a starter, but even his tenure has been short lived in the starting rotation. Then you had Derek Holland who has been called up the last two seasons but bounces between starter and bullpen pitcher. The last pitcher in the rotation was a newbie to the starting line was Alexi Ogando, who made his club debut last season as a solid bullpen guy.

Fifteen games into the season and the latter half of the rotation has been surprisingly good, and with CJ and Colby handling their business, this is as good as anyone can expect them to be. It will be interesting to see how things will shift when the three starters who are on the DL right now are cleared to play. You have Brandon Webb, Tommy Hunter and Scott Feldman who are scheduled to come back sometime between May and July. If Harrison,Holland and Ogando are still plugging along with success, how can you take them out and force them back into the bullpen.

Hunter and Feldman are former bullpen pitchers and can make that easy transition, but Webb is a former cy young winning starter and once he is healthy and able to pitch, what are you going to do with him? This is a very good problem to have, especially since everyone complained that their rotation would be horrible on the back end without picking up a “True ace” in free agency. It is a long season and the rotation will be different in July than it is today, but having success early is a good sign for this team.

Right now Rangers fans are enjoying the look and feel of a young rotation that gives them hope for long term success.

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2 thoughts on “Youthful Rotation Proving itself for the Rangers

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  2. I’m pulling for all of them, but it was so sad we lost Cliff Lee. It wasn’t how well he pitched, he was teaching the young ones how to pitch and how to handle pressure. We’ll see how it comes out, but right now they are cracking up at times and there goes the game.

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