Wild and Wacky Daytona brings an unexpected winner.

The 2011 edition of the Daytona 500 was probably one of the most entertaining and unpredictable races I have watched in the last couple years. While the tandem racing was the key for success, it still made for entertaining theatre. Especially in the last 20 laps, there were wrecks, and surprises happening all over the place, which led to the amazing finish that had me standing in the middle of the room yelling at the TV. But I will get more into that a little later; let’s start with a recap of the early portion of the race.

The race started with a lot of tributes to Dale Earnhardt and the usual catching up of all the new things going on in this year’s version of NASCAR. The biggest thing that dominated the pre-race talk was the death of Dale Earnhardt, and there were tributes galore. From the race coverage, to commercials and then the most amazing tribute seen in sports, the silent lap on the 3rd lap of the Daytona 500. I have to say that this was very cool to see and brought a combination of tears to my eyes and goose bumps. Then that followed up with a tribute commercial by Chevrolet that was basically “3 forever”.

The racing was as good as it has been in Daytona for a long time. It seemed odd to watch 2 car tandems dominate the race, then the multi car packs that have been the norm for the last 15-20 years. There was the usual “Big one” early in the race that took out a lot of big names and thinned the field out to the point that it opened up the racing for some cars, which usually are not in the mix. Guys like David Regan, Robbie Gordon and Paul Menard had banner days at the track and built solid momentum for their seasons.

But the biggest surprise of the race was its winner. 20 year old Trevor Bayne won his 1st race and his 1st Daytona 500 in only his second Sprint cup race. Trevor has signed to be a part time driver for the Woods Brothers team who is one of the oldest surviving teams in NASCAR. This win today will probably cement his opportunity to drive the full season. The way he was able to win the race and celebrate something so special was an incredible sight to see. Trevor was so excited to win the race that when he was told to head to victory lane, he exclaimed “I don’t know where it is” which just added to the experience. It is a great thing for the sport to have someone so energetic and happy to win that people who watched for the first time will want to watch again.

This was by far the best Daytona 500 I have seen in a long time. The circuit now moves onto Phoenix for the next race, and all I have to say is that if it can be as half as exciting as this one race was, and then NASCAR will gain a lot of viewers this season.

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  2. I loved the race. Loved your comments. Loved Dale “3 Forever”. I was pulling for Jr at the end, then Tony and the finally for little #21. What a neat kid. He was so articulate and humble. This has to be good for the sport, especially when you compare his persona to Kyle Busch and some of the other drivers. What a finish. Sure glad I watched this one…

  3. Loved your article. It so recaptured the emotion of the day. Dale will be remembered forever. Each time the drivers go through turn 4, he looms larger than life and I guess he always will. The day was also, for me, special because Dale Jr. was so competetive. The crowd went nuts each time he got in the lead. I it would do wonders for the sport if he could win some races. I am happy for Treavor and his family. The sport can always us new blood and new winners. The Daytona was definitely a roller coaster ride, and one I truly enjoyed. Good job Kody.

  4. Trevor Bayne demonstrated that although he is very young, he can be a winner. Trevor had many experienced opponents, but he astonished the racers by winning the Daytona 500 race. Congratulations!

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