Who cares about the “Silver Boot”?

 Every summer when it comes around to inter-league play in Major League Baseball, there is always one date that they will try to get everyone excited about and that is the date when the Astros and Rangers meet in the “Silver Boot Series”. This was a concoction that was dreamed up by the two previous owners of the two Texas franchises. But it really seems like everyone in the fan base has really not cared about the trophy itself or even the series.

There are two schools of thought here, the first one being that the two teams play in two different leagues and anytime they do play is for no real prize. If they were to eventually be in the same division and leagues, then there would be incentive to build a rivalry then. Until that happens there is no real rivalry to be built. The second school of thought is that the whole trophy or deal is just very childish for two professional teams to try and incite a rivalry. You don’t have any trophies between the Yankees and Red Sox, but you do have a blood hatred that can’t be touched in professional sports.

As a fan and a baseball enthusiast, I would implore the two franchises to do away with the trophy and childish advertising to try and create a non-existent rivalry. This is professional sports, and there is only one trophy that matters to the fans, and that is the World Series Trophy.

2 thoughts on “Who cares about the “Silver Boot”?

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  2. I agree totally. I pull for Houston when they are not playing the Rangers. I know a lot of other Texas people do also. I wish Houston would move over and be in our division…then you would have cause for a good series. I’ve heard rumors MLB was thinking about putting two teams from the NL to the AL. Houston would be perfect for the AL West. Then all hell would break loose when they played.

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