What Should the Rangers do with Jurickson Profar?

ProfarJurickson Profar is a very familiar name with everyone who is associated with or a fan of any Major League Baseball franchise. He is currently the top prospect in all of baseball and thanks to an injury to Ian Kinsler; he has been getting some quality time with the Rangers this season. Just mentioning his name to a General Manager will get the wheels spinning, but John Daniels has held off many suitors to keep him firmly entrenched in the Rangers system.

All Profar has done since being called up is show everyone  why he is such a coveted prospect, he has been better than some expected in the field and has carried a .300 batting average while hitting two home runs. This is what everyone has wanted to see, his transition to the big club has been seamless, and has everyone wondering what the Rangers are going to do when Kinsler is healthy. Obviously he won’t steal Kinsler’s spot, and he is now showing too much of a flash to be buried back down in the minor leagues for an undetermined amount of time.

This brings the question; what should the Rangers do with him?

There is a group of people that would love to see the Rangers keep him up and find a spot to play him. But where would He play? Andrus is your long term shortstop, Kinsler is your long term second baseman, Beltre is locked in at third, and Moreland is locked in at first. You could move him into the outfield, but a mid-season position change could do more harm than good. The change itself could be bad, because every report on him says he is a natural shortstop. Another question is; does he even want to change positions?

A more vocal group of people want to see the Rangers use Profar as potential trade bait to bring in a big name pitcher or possible bat. This makes more sense in the simple fact; you already have good chemistry with infielders on this team. Not to mention all of them are under contract for at least the next four plus years. It would be unfair to Profar to force him to change positions or hold him down in the Minors, just because you don’t have a spot for him. He is a talented player and deserves to play every day.

This doesn’t mean some team can swoop in and get him for just peanuts; Daniels needs to make sure someone brings everything including the kitchen sink for Profar.

The last group and seemingly the quietest are on the side of keeping him down in the farm system until the time is right. But with what he is currently doing, it would seem he is closer to being ready than this option would allow. You’re looking at another four of five years before a spot will open up in Arlington, unless the Rangers trade Elvis Andrus or Ian Kinsler. Most fans, me included would be against that option all together.

This is a good position to be in for the Rangers, it is better to have more talent than you have room for, then be the beggar trying to get someone’s spare parts. The Rangers can use Profar to get a couple key pieces to help them try to get back to the World Series this year or next year if the right deal comes along.

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  1. It is a tough question, but there is a simple answer. We need a good ACE pitcher. Probably could get one and a couple of other bull pen guys or draft picks. Problem solved. We are getting killed and losing close games with our pitching. That is the missing piece.

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  3. Very well stated article Kody. Don’t know what the Rangers will decide to do. Glad I don’t have to make the decision. You covered all the pros and cons very well.

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