What has happened to Tiger?

Heading into this season there have been a lot of questions surrounding Tiger Woods and his ability to win another tournament. He hasn’t won an event since 2009, and after having gone through injury and personal problems, things seem a little off with Tiger. He is still one of the most talented golfers on the circuit and could probably break out of this funk on any given weekend. But after having changed swing coaches and tweaked his swing, it is really making fans that follow him and the PGA tour every weekend if he can still find the magic.

Unfortunately for Tiger he is under a bigger microscope now than he has ever been. He can’t walk onto a golf course, or even into a restaurant without everyone in the place pulling out a cell phone or camera to take his picture and or Facebook, tweet or blog about what he is doing. You would think if he is playing in an overseas tournament, there would be a chance he could have some chance at avoiding problems or any bad publicity. That is until this last tournament over in the United Arab Emirates, when he chose to hock a lugey while on a green. While this goes against the gentleman’s code on the course, it really isn’t a problem, unless you are Tiger Woods.

He has been fined by the European tour and has now suffered another round of bad press that his image really can’t handle. This has become a never ending story where anything he does gets twisted around and turned into a negative. Right now Tiger is looking lost and uncomfortable on the golf course which is making a lot of experts wonder if he will ever find that groove again. At this point, it isn’t weather he does or doesn’t that matter, he needs to get his life in order and get back in a mindset where he can clearly focus on golf.

The PGA tour is hurting because Tiger is off his game; they need him to get back on top, so ratings and attendance will increase. But mostly golf writers and commentators need him to get back on top, so they will have something positive to write about. Golf will always have its niche and will always have diehard fans who love it no matter what. But the PGA tour and everybody associated with it benefits far more when Tiger is Tiger. It may happen in the next tournament, or it may take a couple more years, but Tiger will find his groove again and look out because he will have something to prove when he does.

3 thoughts on “What has happened to Tiger?

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  2. Tiger needs to get Tiger straightened out and then worry about his swing. I would suggest a counselor over a swing coach. What good is unrealized potential? He needs to get his life in order and the game will follow.

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