What has happened to Tiger?

We have not Seen Tiger Woods on the golf course since he withdrew during The Players championship back in May. Speculation had been that he was going to play at the US Open coming up next week. But as of this week, Tiger released a statement that he would be unable to play in the US Open and making the Masters the only tournament he has never missed.

As it stands right now, Tiger Woods will play the AT&T open, which happens to be his tournament. But since he is now taking another week to heal his injuries, that may even be up in the air. But some of the problems that we have seen with Tiger are probably a lot more than just an injury. He has not been the same Tiger Woods since he won the US Open at Torrey Pines back in 2008. We have also seen his personal life come to light in a way that nobody thought possible.

Tiger’s troubles could be traced back to the fact that he got busted carousing with countless women while traveling around. Maybe that clicked something in his head and now he has a mental block that prevents him from having that killer instinct that made fans love him and competitors hate him. I am not going to say that he isn’t really injured, but you have to think part of his troubles this year and last have to be somewhat mental after he fell to earth and was proven to be human after all.

While Tiger has not played very much this season, it is easy to tell that when he has been on the course, he just isn’t the same old Tiger that everybody thought own the PGA Tour record books before he turned 35. Right now it is looking like we will never see that guy who could go into a Sunday round and find a way to win, no matter how far back he was. While some players who wouldn’t be known have benefited by the fall of Tiger, there are a lot of people in the PGA Tour that realize one thing. Everything suffers when Tiger isn’t on tour and winning.

We may never see the Tiger Woods that dominated the tour and won with ease every week again, but most people would like to see Tiger come back and be competitive again. Because he made the game of golf so much more exciting for everyone, and he could change a tournament with one shot. So, while the PGA Tour treads water in his absence, people throughout the tour and fans alike are all hoping that we will see him back on the course and winning again.

Whether you liked him or hated him, you understood that he is a necessary evil to make golf popular to the mainstream fan. The die-hards will always show up, but tournaments would see record crowds when Tiger was on the course. While those days may be dwindling, you would like to see him get back on the golf course and erase his seedy past and have everyone remember him for the great golfer he was and not the unfaithful husband and womanizer that some will refer to him as.

3 thoughts on “What has happened to Tiger?

  1. Life has a lot of ups and downs. I’ve always heard you either move forward or backward…you never stay where you are. Hopefully he can find a way to put this behind him and move forward. He is good for the game, no matter what his past.

    • He is good for golf, but he won’t be good for golf if he doesn’t turn it around and find a way to be the “old” Tiger. I think he needs to start taking waitress’s home and become a tom cat again.

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