What do the Mavs do now?

As free agency has gotten into full swing, it has become apparent that the Mavericks are going to come up on the short end of the stick this year. Deron Williams has chosen to stay put into New Jersey, and other free agents that the Mavs were looking at have all recently signed with other teams. Which begs the question, what do they do now?

There isn’t really a “big fish” for the Mavs to land in free agency to excite the fan base. And it has become apparent that Mark Cuban is more interested in dismantling the Championship team and filming his show “Shark Tank”. The fans were already on high alert after the Williams tweeted that he was staying in Brooklyn, then couple the fact that Nash and Dragic both have completed deals to sign with other teams.

In some ways it almost seems like the front office is doing a complete tear down, but doing it so slow and painfully that the fans are still clinging to hope of another championship run. In one way, it seems that the Mavs are admitting that the window is closing on them for another Championship, but they will come out and say they will put “key pieces” around Dirk to make another run. Didn’t the main 3 pieces that you want just get deals done to go play elsewhere?

This has to be very troubling to Dirk, because he isn’t getting any younger. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him stand up and demand he be sent elsewhere. If the Mavs are tearing it down to start over, then they should go ahead and put Dirk up for trade and try to get something in return for him. Either way…the team needs to decide what it is doing. Are you rebuilding or patching it together for another run.

Until the front office can commit to one course of action, fans will be stuck asking what are the Mavs going to do now.

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