Welcome to the Big XII West Virginia

The Big XII just recently introduced its newest member to the conference. The new member is going to be the West Virginia Mountaineers, who have decided to leave the Big East for the greener pastures of the Big XII. While this may be a very unorthodox marriage of school and conference, it will be a solid fit for years to come. West Virginia will bring two of the more interesting personalities to a stadium and arena near you very soon.

Bob Huggins and Dana Holgerson are the two coaches I made reference to. Big XII fans will have a familiarity to Holgerson from his days as an assistant football coach at Oklahoma State. When you thought you saw the last of him, you were very wrong. He is a great football coach and is finally getting his chance to be a head coach and will be bringing a very talented football team with him into the Big XII. They are an exciting team and play a tough brand of football. This will only strengthen the conference.

Everyone is familiar with Bob Huggins. He has been a big time basketball coach for a long time, but now Big XII hoops fans will get to see him on a regular basis. This will also raise the level of basketball play in the conference for all the teams. In the past West Virginia has made regular appearances in the big tournament.

While the location to the other schools is a little far, there is one guarantee; any and all road trips out to Morgantown will be a trip of a lifetime for visiting coaches, teams and fans. West Virginia has one of the most exciting home atmospheres in college football. This, along with the quality of their teams will help the Big XII evolve into a greater conference in the not so distant future. This is a good match for everyone involved. So, from a Big XII fan – welcome to the conference West Virginia!



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  1. Great article. Always enjoy reading. Need to see something about Wisconsin. They were doing great buy lost ground the last few games. Do you have a reason for this? Just thought I might ask since you have great sports knowledge.

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