Upcoming games could be big for Cowboys


The Cowboys are facing a tough stretch in their upcoming schedule with three games in 12 days. Two of those three games are going to be on the road, and it will be a tough road especially, because while the Cowboys seem healthy, Romo’s back could be in danger with these upcoming games.

It will also be a tough road for the Cowboys, since two of the upcoming three games are against division foes. The game against the Giants will be a test, because the Giants seem to be a team on the down-slide, but these are the games where a team can slip up and lose an easy win. Plus you never know how a divisional game will turn out.

If the Cowboys can win the next two, it could be a huge boost to their chances to win the division. But they can’t let a small slip up in one of these next three games derail them from their final goal.

The Cowboys will need to find a way to win on the road in New York and Chicago. If the Cowboys win all three, they could be well on their way to a playoff spot, if they lose all three, then the fears of years past will begin to surface. Either way, these three games could be huge on how the team will be seen heading forward into the final month of the season.

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