UNT, Meet your New Head Coach

Today was a happy day for the UNT football program. They have officially hired and introduced to the public their new Head Coach. The new head coach is none other than Dan McCarney. Yes, the same Dan McCarney who was at Iowa State and turned them into a bowl team. His tenure there was not considered great, but he did take a share of the Big XII North title back in 2004.  While the job done there was a great one, he has a far greater task in Denton. But there is hope that he will be able to make the Mean Green a contender in the Sun Belt Conference.

Dan McCarney’s first job has to be able to find a few more quality players out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Todd Dodge did some of that, but for the most part, the backyard of UNT has gone relatively untouched. It is not expected that he be able to draw in 5 star recruits, but with a home town college, he should be able to find an under the radar 2 or 3 star player that likes the idea of staying close to home.  The rebuilding job of this team is going to take a couple years, but as with anything else, all fans want to see is improvement.

One thing that should help with his recruiting is the fact that North Texas will open a brand new stadium next season. So 2011 will be a new era in Mean Green Football, A new coach, and a new stadium. It should only be fitting if McCarney can find a way to christen the new stadium and new season with a winning effort.

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  2. Hate it for Todd Dodge, but it was time for a change. Maybe old Dan will pull a good program together. Needless to say there is enough alumni around here to fill the stadium every week…they just need something to get excited about. When you look at what TCU has done and what SMU is doing…all things are possible.

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