UConn Wins it all in dog ugly fashion

I initially wrote most of this piece as the game ended last night, but decided that I better hold off and see if my opinion changed about the game at all. Well, it didn’t, The build up to this game was far greater than the actual product in this case. The game started out slow, and was played very sloppy, the only conclusion that I could come up with is that neither team was playing to win the game. Instead they were playing not to lose this game, and they were both tenetive and didn’t want to make a mistake.

Butler had a bad shooting night all around, they could not get anything to fall their way. But the thing that killed them from the early onset, was the fact that they could not get to the interior. I don’t know if they were scared, or if they just couldn’t match up phsicaly with the UConn big men inside. Either way, Butler was forced to shoot jump shots and three pointers all night, and it was a brick fest. UConn didn’t shoot much better, but at least they could drive to the hoop and make things happen.

National Championship games usually end up being sloppy and sluggish games anyway, but last night that was taken to a whole new level. Butler had the lowest shooting percentage in a championship game ever. The half time score resembled the final score of January’s BCS title game and the game was just as sloppy. While the torunament overall was one of the best ones ever, this game puts a very awkward end to the tournament and the season. It won’t matter in the future about the meat of the game, nobody will remember this being a sluggish and sloppy game, but everyone will remember who won.

Congratulations to UConn and their fans, they were the better team when it mattered.

4 thoughts on “UConn Wins it all in dog ugly fashion

  1. :You are getting better and better. I enjoy this and keep it up. Very proud of you Kody Brannon

    Madeline Jones

  2. Sad ending to a great tournament. Looks like UConn didn’t want to win it worse than Butler didn’t want to win it. How sad. I felt sorry for both teams. I guess Uconn was the best team when it mattered, but neither one of them was worth a hoot. The Baylor girls could have beaten either of them last night…and they aren’t even in the girls tournament.

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