Two quarterback system isn’t working

 Mack Brown and Brian Harsin have been working with a two quarterback system since the BYU game and for the most part it was successful, but then they ran into the Oklahoma defense and then it didn’t work anymore. It is easy to make the system work when you are playing some of the lower defenses in the country, and being able to out athlete your opponent. Now that the Longhorns coaching staff has seen that the system won’t work against one of the best teams in the country, it is time to sit down and pick one quarterback to lead the charge for the remainder of the season.


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3 thoughts on “Two quarterback system isn’t working

  1. This never seems to work. Good intentions, but horrible results. I agree, they have to pick one and go with him. Otherwise this can and will divide the team and there is no one person the team can rally around. Nice article.

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  3. You are spot on. Texas has played no challenging teams till the machine. Sort of brilliant of Mack Brown until he rebuilds this team. And selects his QB.

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