Should the Cowboys trade Dez Bryant?

Now before you decide to jump my case and blast me for saying the Cowboys need to trade one of their best players, hear me out. I am not fully in favor of this idea, but looking at some teams who have picks above the Cowboys and knowing the needs of the team, there is something here that could make sense in the perfect scenario. Think of it this way, there are a few teams who have established quarterbacks, but don’t really have good receivers to help their quarterbacks out and what is one of the biggest things the Cowboys need? Defensive line help and offensive line help, now say one of these teams offers up their first round draft pick and maybe 2nd round draft pick to the Cowboys for Dez Bryant, would it be smart to trade him for a top defensive line prospect?

This is all just a hypothetical and if you look at some of the needs and the ability to get something big for someone who could demand the price, why not take a shot at it? The Cowboys once traded Herschel Walker to the Vikings and built their Super Bowl winning teams off of pieces they got back in the trade. Now, will a team sell the farm for a player like Dez Bryant? I doubt it, but there are teams who would gladly give up some high draft picks for a weapon like Dez. Would the Cowboys regret trading Dez in a couple years? Maybe…but there are plenty of big time receivers who will be coming out in the next few years and they could prove to be better than Dez and have less issues.

Dez Bryant has shown he is a very passionate player and wants to win worse than anyone on the field, but some of that passion has seemed to be misplaced and is caught by cameras and looks like it is more of a temper tantrum. Part of that could be the Cowboys Star on his helmet and another part of that could also be he is suffering from the “TO Syndrome”. If the case is the latter, then shipping him out now could be a blessing to the Cowboys. Especially if it means they are bringing in some players for a glaring need.

Some of you will take this as “I don’t like Dez”, but this is not the reason for it, I think he has a lot of upside and he can be a dangerous weapon. But at the same time, Romo isn’t getting any better and Dez is still heading into his prime, do you really want to see Dez playing receiver for the Cowboys when the next quarterback is some spare Jerry finds interesting? Because we all know if this is the case, he will not resign with us and then we lose him for nothing…why not jump ahead of the curve and get something for him? Who knows, could be the catalyst to help the Cowboys break the mediocre streak. Once again, this all just a hypothetical situation.

5 thoughts on “Should the Cowboys trade Dez Bryant?

  1. what you say bears listening and pondering. I agree with all you say but…the Cowboys need ferocity and he is one of the few who show that on the field. A great college team has that. They just want it more. Still, they need to start the rubix cube of getting the right situation today, right this minute.

    • It will hurt short term to lose a player of his caliber, but long term, it could be just the boost this team needs. And it will save Jerry the embarrassment of “rebuilding”

  2. Interesting thought. He is a great player, but seems to have a lot of emotional baggage…just like TO. Not sure any teams would want a cancer in the club house. Jerry is gonna do what he wants anyway. What we really need is a good line on each side and Jerry can’t seem to find them. We’ll see.

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