Tough Loss could bring small victories for SMU

OSmall Victoriesn a typical Saturday afternoon at Ford Stadium, it was a “moot” point to most fans in attendance the visiting Texas A&M Aggies would walk out of here with a victory. But the underdog Mustangs came out with a fire under their rear end to ignite some excitement from the mostly maroon clad crowd.

Unfortunately for the Mustangs, they were not able to capitalize by keeping the Aggies from lighting up the scoreboard early and wound up digging a hole for themselves by a streak of “3 and outs”. But even at that point it wasn’t over yet, but the Aggies finally found their stroke and stared piling up the points on the overmatched Mustangs.

The final score ended up 58 to 6, but there were moments where the score was worse than the actual game. Interim head coach Tom Mason said “there were some small victories today, but also a lot to work on”. It is those small victories the coaching staff hopes to build on and start gaining momentum as the Mustangs head into conference play. But first they have to get up for their rivalry game with TCU next Saturday at home.

While there are still a lot of questions about who will coach this team next season, Coach Mason is just enjoying his time and trying to make a difference while he can as the head man. If he can get this program rolling then they will have a tough chance not giving him a shot since he has been here for 7 years and has a good grasp of what is going on at SMU.  But all of that is for another post on a different day.

Today the Aggies were the better team on the field, but the Mustangs were able to achieve some things to help build for the rest of their season. Each game is a building block to gain momentum heading into conference play, and anything can happen in conference play.

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