Top 25/Heisman List – 11/28

After another crazy weekend and some surprising results, we have had some major movement in the poll this week. While most teams are nowdone and just awaiting any post season bids, there are still some championship games to play next week, so there may be more movement yet.

2. Auburn
3. Oregon
5.Ohio State
8.Michigan St.
9. Arkansas
13.Texas A&M
14.Bosie St.
16.Virginia Tech
18.S. Carolina
20.Oklahoma St.
22.Mississippi St.
23.Florida St.
24.Northern Illinois
25.West Virginia

Once again there was no real movement from the Heisman race. This is Cam Newton’s to lose.

1.Cam Newton
2.Kellen Moore
3.Andrew Luck
4.LaMichel James
5.Terrelle Pryor

4 thoughts on “Top 25/Heisman List – 11/28

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  2. Would love to see the old ball coach knock Auburn out and send TCU to the title game. If not, we’ll see how they stack up against Wisconsin.

    Got my doubts about old Cam not already being a professional athelete, but guess that goes with the territory. Money talks!

  3. Hope TCU gets into championship game, but guess that will take a miracle. However, never understimate the old ball coach. He’s pulled off several miracles in the past.

    Guess we are stuck with old Cam.

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