Tony Romo: Elite or Just a guy?

There are very few atheletes who are more polarizing in the Dallas media than Tony Romo. Some people will sing his praises and pound the stat sheet until they are blue in the face to convince you that he is a great quarterback. Then there are the media types who will laugh at his stats, and tell you that he is unable to win when it counts. No matter which side of the argument you fall on, both sides make a solid case. So which is it?

Before you can answer that question, you have to look at what he has done this far in his career. Tony has put up some solid numbers, and has been inconsistent since he took over the starting job in 2006. Now you can’t blame the teams inability to win late in the season all on Tony. But as the quarterback, he is looked to be the leader and be the one who will carry the team when nescesarry. Which he has done at times, then other times he looks tottaly inept. Some would say that his “gunslinger” style is to blame, others will just say he isn’t that good.

Since taking over as the Cowboys starter in 2006, Tony Romo has had 14 game winning drives, and 13 fourth quarter comebacks. While having a career record of 47-30 as a starter. Those numbers alone don’t tell the whole story, and will be mis leading to some people. Those numbers don’t tell the story of a “December swoon” that seems to hve happened when it looks like the team is on track for a playoff birth. and once again, you can’t place all the blame on the quarterback. Football is a team sport and will always rely on the help of everyone, over one person. Yes there have been numerous cases where an individual went above and beyond to help their team win…but not every week.

Tony Romo is neither the greatest quarterback to play the game, nor the worst, much like his contemporaries he will fall somwhere in between. Six years into his career as a starting quarterback he has shown the ability to make plays and win games that are spectacular highlights. But he has also had plenty of “oops” moments where every cowboy fan hangs their head in shame. I will leave all of the Cowboys fans with this thought…it could be so much worse. Do any of you remember Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson or  even Drew Bledsoe?

Tony Romo may not be in the same catagory as Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach right now, but everyone needs to remember…those two weren’t great quarterbacks on thier own, They had a  solid team around them at every position and Tony Romo doesn’t have that right now. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinoins on Romo and it will be that way until he retires. While the debate will rage on year after year about his status  as an elite quarterback, I will choose to wait and see where he ends up before I decide which catagory he falls into.

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5 thoughts on “Tony Romo: Elite or Just a guy?

  1. Nothing against the article, but I disagree with a couple of points to some extenct. I’m probably a minority though, lol. Thanks for sharing it on .

  2. Great article Kody. You laid it out and said it all. Only time will tell. With the defense we have had and the lack of a solid offensive line…how would Aikman have done?

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