Is it time to Panic for the Cowboys?

Weeden CowboysWhen this season started, there was a lot of hope, a lot of expectations and even some boasting about having the best team top to bottom since the great teams of the 90’s. But the NFL is a fickle beast and can snatch anything good away from you in an instant.

The season began with a lot of promise, and boasting by the fan base as the Cowboys won a thriller on opening night, then proceeded to dismantle Philadelphia in week two. But if there is something to be said about the first two weeks, the Cowboys roster began to look more like a MASH unit, then a football team.

First Dez Bryant and first round draft pick Randy Gregory go down, but then quarterback Tony Romo gets injured and seems to make the next eight games seem questionable at best. While Brandon Weeden and the rest of team put out a valiant effort in the game against Atlanta, the missing pieces seemed to show a vulnerability which this team could not overcome.

Then against the reeling Saints, most picked the Cowboys to get back on the winning path, but Drew Brees had other ideas and got his 400th touchdown pass in overtime to beat the Cowboys. While most fans wouldn’t start to panic at this point, there was hope the team could show something positive against the Patriots.

After the loss to the Patriots, there is nothing really positive to pull from the game except for the fact the defense got five sacks against Tom Brady. But the offense looked lost and completely inept. The Cowboys have lost three straight games going into the bye week and look to be on a downward spiral after shooting out of the gate.

While there is still no set date for Dez Bryant to return, it is guaranteed Tony Romo won’t return until at least week 11, possibly later. If the Cowboys can get Dez back soon, then Weeden will have a solid threat to throw too, but even Dez can’t carry the team by himself. The Cowboys need to find a way to win a few games before Romo returns, or this could be a lost season.

With remaining games

  • @ NY Giants
  • Seahawks
  • Eagles
  • @Buccaneers
  • @Dolphins
  • Panthers
  • @Redskins
  • @Packers
  • NY Jets
  • Bills
  • Redskins

There are only a couple winnable games in the short stretch before Romo returns, but then most fans had Atlanta and New Orleans as wins also. While it is still early and probably too early to panic, if you lose the next few games coming out of the bye week, then the Cowboys may have dug a hole to deep to get out of.

Hopefully Jason Garret can make some adjustments to fix the problems with the offense. Because the defense is improving each week, especially since Greg Hardy has returned and given them a solid pass rush threat. But going into week seven against the Giants, this season could be on the brink.

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2 thoughts on “Is it time to Panic for the Cowboys?

  1. I agree completely, Kody. It has turned out to be a heart breaking season, as you stated, that started with such great anticipation!

  2. Not much hope, but stranger things have happened. When Romo gets back he will have to get his timing back quickly. Dez Bryant will have the same problem. Sad deal, but injuries ruin a lot of good teams. The Cowboys sure have their fair share of them.

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