Did Tiger Woods take steroids or hgh?

Tiger WoodsI will probably get blasted for even posing this question, because it seems unimaginable for some people to think Tiger Woods, or any golfer would even take steroids. But before you decide to throw me into the fire, just think about some of the things that have gone on for the last few years. Some of it adds up to some suspicious thoughts about him and his sudden decline.

Before we learned about Tiger’s infidelity and his penance for waitresses and dirty talk, there was a gradual but noticeable transformation of Tiger. He was getting more and more in shape and starting to look like a baseball or even football player to some degree, even his former swing coach Hank Haney has made comments about his desire to lift weights. I know, lifting weights does immediately lead to steroids, but think about the fact he was treated by a doctor who was tied to steroids and human growth hormone.

Then couple this information with his seemingly new-found desire to become stronger and his bigger appetite for women. Some of this kind of sounds like he was feeling the effects of HGH, and then he wanted to train with the Navy Seals. Now, maybe he just wanted to be the most physically fit golfer on the circuit, but when you think about all of this together, it starts to look suspicious.

Lastly, he has been fighting a laundry list of injuries for what has seemed like the last four or five years. Some of them make sense, but some seem out of nowhere for a guy who has seemingly taken care of himself and is a total health nut. Once again…I know the injuries, do not lead to past steroid or HGH use, but looking at the big picture, it kind of makes sense.

Tiger Woods has been obsessed with his game since he joined the PGA Tour, and he has basically been anointed the title of greatest golfer of all time and it was a forethought he would break every record imaginable. Maybe this obsession and desire to own every record got to him and he relented and sought some additional help, maybe not, only person who really knows is Tiger.

I don’t know if there are any testing policies, or even any rules against the use of HGH or steroids in the PGA Tour, I am sure there are because every other sport has something. There is no proof he ever did anything and I doubt anything will ever come out otherwise. Tiger Woods has been great for the game of golf and I am sure they will protect him if he did do something. As I said before, I have heard no proof he ever did, I haven’t seen any evidence, I am just basing an opinion off what changes I noticed when I looked at it closely.

It would be a shame to think Tiger maybe took something to enhance his game and in turn it ended up being the one thing which kept him from setting the records he has chased so intently during his career.

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5 thoughts on “Did Tiger Woods take steroids or hgh?

  1. wants to be stronger? look more fit? likes women? wanted to be a tough navy seal who are known to be the toughest people around? hard time fighting temptation of women who throw themselves at him?

    hmmm…I think thats just called being a Dude!…now i know youll come back with we dont all cheat blah blah okay okay he cheated on his wife…thats not good i guess, none of our business but still nothing to promote. still doesnt mean he took roids.

    • I even said in my piece, there is no physical evidence to support he did take steroids or HGH. Just knowing some of the signs, he did exhibit and the fact his body seems to be breaking down now, it all points to a possibility. I just found it odd, looking back how he seems to be one of the first golfers to really get into great physical shape and make it an on going trend. Only person who will ever know if he did do it is Tiger. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets debated on a bigger stage at some point. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.

      • Interesting article Kody. We all saw the physical changes in him over the years. Maybe it was hard work in the weight room and maybe the drugs. We’ll never know. I hope he can make a come back. He has a big mental and physical mountain to climb to get back to the top.

  2. A thought provoking article. With his addictive personality moving on to steroids would certainly be a possibility and the signs are apparent. Hope he can get his life back together and his golf game. Lots of new competition on the horizon.

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