Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg

The Atlanta Thrashers have a group willing to buy them and that groups want to move the team back to Winnipeg. This is a little disturbing considering the fact that Florida is able to keep two hockey franchises but Atlanta is going to lose their 2nd team.

While moving a team back into hockey crazed Canada is financially, a very smart move. But it is confusing to see a big city like Atlanta not be able to support a franchise. But since the NHL lockout, it seems like every team in the southern US has had trouble drawing big crowds.

One of the biggest factors hurting the NHL’s popularity in the southern states is simply the fact that they get stuck on some obscure channels. For the NHL to build popularity and give southern cities like Atlanta a fair chance to succeed, they need to have a better TV contract that puts exposure on more easily accessible channels. Until that happens, teams in the south are in danger of suffering the same fate of Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg

  1. Good point. I heard NBC is taking over Versus that carries a lot of hockey, so maybe that will be the answer. Winning a few games makes a big difference also…the crowds dropped here in Dallas when they started losing, quit making the playoffs and let Modano go. Everybody loves a winner.

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