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I am going to do something different here, and I am going to be very opinionated about this issue and will not hold back from telling it like it is from my perspective. This story has taken a few different twists and turns throughout the whole ordeal and at times I thought something more should be done, I wasn’t going to be critical of anything because obviously the commissioner and the league had to know more to the story than what was being plastered on webpages and on TV. As we are learning now, they did know more, and they didn’t do enough. Everything they are doing now is just to try to hide how wrong they were in the beginning.

Ray Rice is a coward, he is nothing more than a childish little coward. Any man who would raise his hand towards a woman is a coward, but to actually throw punches and hit her, the way he did automatically makes him the lowest piece of scum to walk the earth. There is a difference in grabbing her to keep here from hitting you, and landing a punch and knocking her out cold. He has been coddled and protected because he is an NFL football player. But in reality what needs to happen is he needs to be charged and serve time in jail, he should also be banned from the NFL for life and be stuck in the life which most average Americans would face after an event like this. An average guy would be put in jail, probably lose his job and face life as an outsider because of the charge. But Ray Rice is a football player, so we shield him from real justice.

I will say this again Ray Rice is a coward, any guy who hits a woman is not a man, he is a childish boy who can’t deal with things through other avenues from violence. Him being banished from the NFL and losing all his endorsement money is not punishment enough, he needs to be tied up, thrown into a room with 10 or so other guys and beaten on till he cries like the little girl he really is. There is no excuse to ever raise your hand towards a woman, and it is unacceptable to ever hit a woman either. I don’t really care that his wife is coming out to stand by his side, or try to deflect what has happened. She is probably scared he will punch her again if she doesn’t. Someone needs to step in and get her out of that abusive relationship, even if it was a one-time thing…one time is too many.

I have a nine-year old daughter, and if anyone ever raised a hand to her in the fashion he did to his fiance, now wife. I don’t care how much she loved him, I would make sure he was never able to raise his hand towards anyone ever again, especially a female. It is even more sickening to realize Ray Rice has a daughter of his own, but has such little respect for women, he would punch her in the face. There is so much more wrong here than I could even begin to speculate on, but bottom line is, anybody who commits any kind of domestic violence act at any level, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless if it is a first offense or not. Professional athletes should be banned from their sports upon a charge of domestic violence. I only say that, because there are times where people get accused, but after an investigation they are cleared. In Ray’s case, there is clear video evidence and he is guilty.

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