Thoughts on the Mack Brown Extension

image You can officially put to rest all of the rumors and speculation about where Mack Brown will be for the next 8 years. He will be on the 40 Acres because the Texas board of regents has extended his contract by 4 more years to 2020. While it is unlikely he will finish out this contract, he is only 60 years old and anything is possible. He will be 68 by the time this contract ends, and not many coaches stay around that long anymore. If Mack does coach out the end of his contract, then he will be one of the most tenured coaches in the country.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Mack Brown Extension

  1. I went to BevoBall and read your post. Good article and oh so true. We haven’t had a coach like Mack since Royal. So good to have consistancy there now. You can’t win it all every year…just ask LSU, but Texas is in the hunt constantly since Mack came.

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