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There is nothing more maddening in the course of the college football season and in some cases the off season than the now ever present talk of conference realignment. You can’t bring up the subject to anyone without them saying “I heard from someone that they had sources and team A was going to move to conference B”. We all know what is going to happen eventually, there will be “Super Conferences” Why don’t we just go ahead and make it happen, and then everyone can quit talking and jumping on every small rumor that seems to come out on a daily basis. It has become a never ending cycle of this conference wants that team, or this team wants to move to another conference. This has been going on for over a year now and it is just really getting tiring.

 Texas A&M was the first team to make a serious push to move to another conference this year, given A&M has been flirting with the SEC since the inception of the Big XII, so many inside the state aren’t surprised that they finally made the move. Even if that move was to try and get out of the shadow of Texas, but even in a new conference they will always be looked at and treated like Texas’ little brother. They will just now take a ritual beating in the SEC every week. I find it funny that Baylor, the one school who will get relegated to a nothing conference, is trying to put up a front and stop the change. Funny thing is Baylor turned its back on the other small schools in Texas to ride the Longhorns and Aggies coat tails into the Big XII. But I will have more on this thought at another time.

 This is a time when the Big XII is days away from imploding, it is a foregone conclusion that everyone will ultimately will find a new home, even if it isn’t the one they really want. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas have been rumored to look west to the Pac 12, but there will only be one hindrance for Texas moving out there. Texas and ESPN wants to keep the Longhorn Network intact as is, but the Pac 12 doesn’t want teams having their own networks. But then there have been rumors of the Big 10(12) has made some overtures to Texas (wouldn’t that piss Nebraska off). Other teams from the soon to be dead Big XII have had their names tied to other conferences, at this point it feels like they should go ahead and disband the conference and let teams spend the rest of this year aligning themselves to conferences that fit their best interest. But Baylor, Kansas State and Iowa State would all block that, because they would be the little orphans left out in the cold.

 The end is inevitable, but how long can some of the “hangers on” keep the conference alive? Just so they can have one more season of BCS conference payouts? There are a lot more politics and pandering that will go on before a final verdict is laid down to the public. But any sane and reasonable fan can see that the writing is on the wall, save us all some grief and just get it over with. I would only hope some of the long term rivalries that have made the Big XII great would continue for decades to come, but that will only be decided between the schools as they split off in their own directions. Until we get to the “Super Conferences” this will just be an on going story and will brow beat every college football fan into just not caring anymore. I hate to see the end of the Big XII, but there is no way to keep everyone happy and keep the conference viable, because it is impossible that Notre Dame would agree to become a member and even though I love the history of the old Southwest Conference, adding former SWC teams would only drag the conference down for the top teams.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Realignment

  1. Sad state of affairs. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. We may yet be in for some surprises. Confusing world we live in anyway and now it dribbles into sports. Nice article.

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