This year, we get a First Four

Last year, the NCAA decided to expand the tournament, so more teams could get into the tournament. And while it was a little bit of fodder in the off season, there was no real thought or question that this could be a silly experiment. Then in early February we had the first push by Trutv for the “First Four” and that is when the absurdity of this move had hit. This move has become nothing more as a way to capitalize and extend the time the tournament gets top billing. If you look at the list of teams that are in the “First Four” it is an embarrassment to the tournament. Yes, there are some teams that deserve a chance to be there, but then there are some that are laughable at best.

Especially when you take into account that there are a couple teams who are sitting at home this week who should have been there. Most notably would be Harvard, who played their hearts out and had their chance ripped out at the very end. If this is what we have to look forward to in the future with their “First Four” concoction, then I really wish they would do away with it.

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