Things get worse for the Sweater Vest

As I previously wrote about the problems  facing Jim Tressel, it has just come out to the media that while he “claimed” to keep those emails quiet for confidentiality, was in fact a lie. It came to light that he forwarded those emails out to a mentor of Tyrelle Pryor. This now shows that as much as he wanted everyone to believe he was sorry and just made a small mistake, he in fact kept lying. He even came out and said he would sit out the 5 games with the rest of the suspended players.

While extending his punishment under his own free will was a smart move, it is now a very wasted move. Because he has now been shown as big of a liar as there is in college football. Jim Tressel needs to recommend to the university that they need to change their name to the Ohio State University Blackeyes. Because the school, the coach and the entire football team is now just taking a beating in the media, which is very justified.

I really hope the NCAA is taking notes on everything that continues to leak out of Columbus, because they are going to have their hands full with all the information. Ohio State better hope that the NCAA comes knocking soon, because at this rate, they will be buried 10 feet deep before the NCAA drops the hammer on them. The fact that more information keeps coming out and making things worse, then Ohio State needs to really think of running him out of town, otherwise he may have the university in so much trouble, it won’t be worth keeping him around.

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3 thoughts on “Things get worse for the Sweater Vest

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  2. Maybe he can get a job coaching one of the “poor little sister” schools. The basketball team got blown out of the tournament last night by a rich big sister team. How ironic. They need to fire the president along with the coach.

    • From the way the Administration has been acting, it sounds like the problem is at the very top of the chain. Maybe time to clean house in Columbus.

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