The real season starts now for NASCAR

With Daytona in the rear view mirror and Phoenix in the windshield, NASCAR now moves toward the start of the real season. With the excitement coming off one of the more exciting races ever seen, it is now time for the drivers and teams to get down to the real nitty gritty. It is going to be a 25 race sprint to get yourself in position to be able to be part of the chase for the Sprint cup. But with the new points system and some rule tweaks this off season, it is going to put more emphasis on the win instead of always being consistent.

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to be consistent to be able to stay in the hunt. But now, winning one more race as opposed for settelling for 4th could be the difference of getting into the chase or just driving for the final races of the year. This race will be the first real race of the season because they will be driving on a more common track type and will get in their weekly routine. Daytona is a special race and a different kind of animal with the lead up, but succsess at Daytona doesn’t always mean succsess for the season, just ask Jamie McMurray.

Races at tracks like Phoenix will be the ones that make or break your season, If a driver and team can have succsess here and through out the season, then they will be in the chase to see if they can win a coveted championship. As haulers are leaving home bases towards the track, the tension will be building because everyone will feel the pressure of the season start this weekend. A solid run this week could help catapault you into the rest of the season and give you momentum going forward. Every driver knows that this is the first real race of the season, and as the weekend draws closer, the tension is begining to mount.

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  2. Well said Kody. This should be an interesting NASCAR season. The cream will come to the top…it always does. Also, it’s probably less than 200 days until football starts back. So glad we have NASCAR to fill the weekends, and of course the Rangers are coming.

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