The game after the games; Sex and the Olympics

The Olympics are upon us again, and as it is with every four years, we will sit down over the next two weeks and watch numerous athletes put their years of training and preparation to the test. But as the build up for the games has gotten closer, there has been a topic of what happens after the athletes have competed. Most people would assume, that a handful would stay and enjoy the rest of the games, while most would head back home. But Sports talk radio has been a blaze with some reports of a more frat house mentality in the athletes village.

In this report that was read on sports talk radio, a “source” confirmed that in Sydney  the organizers had to order 90,000 condoms for the village, the real kicker is they ran out! Maybe I am naive, or just never put that much thought into it. But this has completely blown my mind. These athletes spend years training and preparing for the games, and as soon as they are done with their events, it is a sexual free for all. With the cell phone and social media really being in full force this year, don’t be surprised if your favorite athletes gets caught in a compromising position.

This year the organizers reportedly have ordered around 100,000 condoms for the village. Now if they have to order more, then somthing is seriously messed up. Especially if you take into account the games are only two weeks. Don’t be surprised in future years that vegas starts taking prop bets on which athelete will fornicate with the most countries at the olympics. It will be surprising if their isn’t some kind of internet talley put up before the end of the games in London.

Athletes who interviewed for this report have said it is pretty much a free for all after events. If that is the case, then I really feel sorry for the poor athletes who will have to wait for their events near the end of the Olympics. So, while most of us are watching the athletes compete for gold medals, you won’t be able to help but think, there is something more dirty and devious going on back at the athletes village.

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2 thoughts on “The game after the games; Sex and the Olympics

  1. Wow. What a post. I would have never even thought anything like that was going on. I heard something about it on the radio, but guess it never sunk in. Good blog and very interesting topic. Let us know the score if you find out.

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