The Cursed Super Bowl: North Texas’ embarrassment to the world

When it was announced that North Texas would host a Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium, the excitement couldn’t be contained. This was the first chance the metroplex would get to show off its shiny new toy to the world and show some good old Texas Hospitality to boot. As the event got closer, it became more and more important to get the message across to be hospitable and make a great impression. Of course nobody thought anything would happen to hurt the areas image and it was a foregone conclusion that there would be more Super Bowl’s to come.

While the question of more games coming to the area won’t be answered any time soon, it has become media fodder to bash Dallas/Fort Worth and Jerry Jones for everything that happened during Super Bowl week. While there were some mess ups that could be blamed on people, one complaint that can’t be put on anyone else is the weather. Yes this is Texas and this weather is very rare here. For those out of Towner’s who complained about not using salt, I am sorry that you think we use that, but normally we use sand here and it works just fine. Our ice storms last less than 24hrs usually, you were just fortunate enough to see a 4 day event that happens only every 20 years or so.

The other complaint that was overheard throughout the week was that everything was too spread out, I hate to break it to you Yankees, but in Texas things are generally spread out and bigger. If you don’t like it then feel free not to return. But all this was just small potatoes compared to what would happen on the big day at hand.

On Super Bowl Sunday it started being reported that there were going to be a section of seats that would have to be re-situated because of some safety issues that prevented them from being complete. Then the story grew to multiple sections, and it just kept getting worse throughout the day and even into the game. Now the number of people has grown from around 400 to over 1,000. Even after the fact there have been lawsuits being started and this whole mess is just getting worse and worse.

Following the game, I was ready to put the sole blame on the NFL, especially since they took over the stadium on January 8th and were responsible for every person and piece of equipment that was built and used within the stadium aside from original construction. Now that we have gotten past the whole fiasco and are hearing more stories coming out, I am starting to shift more blame on Jerry Jones. Because the latest development I have heard, Jerry waited until a couple weeks till the game to get the seating arrangement approved. If this situation comes true, then Jerry Jones needs to take at least half the blame, it is small details like this that could have been the difference in preventing this whole ordeal from the beginning.

While Jerry was not to blame for a lot of the precautions and things the NFL put into place, he is to blame for trying to force more people into this stadium than should be deemed safe. I don’t know what the final verdict will be on who is fully to blame for this problem, I am sure it will wind up being costly to the NFL and to Jerry Jones. The thing that hurts North Texas the most is that the Super Bowl may never return because of an oversight and greed. This has been an embarrassment to everyone who lives here and most people are hoping for another chance at the Super Bowl.

While the blame can be passed to multiple people, the bottom line is that Jerry got greedy and wanted the attendance record. Had he just been happy with seating 80-85 thousand inside and the 10 thousand or so outside, then this could have been a very successful Super Bowl. Hopefully lessons have been learned here with everyone and in the event there is a return Super Bowl, this stuff can be avoided and make the next one a special one to be remembered.

4 thoughts on “The Cursed Super Bowl: North Texas’ embarrassment to the world

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  2. It absolutely was greed and poor planning. Jerry just can’t help himself. When will enough ever be enough? He can’t even run the Cowboys (except into the ground), how can you expect he wouldn’t ruin the Super Bowl? I’m all for the people who got “rooked”, hope they get their pound of flesh.

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  4. It was very unfortunate, the way the events unfolded… It really was a “perfect storm”. At the end of the day, though, Dallas has the premiere stadium in the NFL. And one of the most influential owners. So I would not worry about the Super Bowl returning. Once the ridiculous NFL experiment of holding the big game in outdoor stadiums up north, they will pine for Dallas!

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