The Cowboys can win with Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones finally got his man this past season, when he hired Jason Garrett as the interim head coach. Then went ahead and stripped the interim tag off the title. So the team now has it’s 6th head coach under the Jerry Jones regime, hopefully the 6th time will be the charm to bring back success to the Cowboys. While Jason Garrett is un proven as a head coach, the fact that the team seemed to respond to him in the latter part of the season is a good enough sign to signify some excitement in the fan base. The biggest change we can all look to so far is the fact that Jason has been picking his coaching staff and has had full control of the decision, not Jerry like in years past.

 This is the first time since Jimmy Johnson that a head coach has run the show completely, but will it last? That part of the question will only be answered when the next season finally gets started. But for anyone who has been skimming the news there are a lot of positive signs coming out of Valley Ranch. The biggest news that really caught everyone’s attention is the fact that he went to Duke University and spent a week with Coach K and his staff. If a coach can swallow his pride enough to go sit with another successful coach and learn what makes a team tick, then this guy is setting up for a great career.

 While all of this talk is all fine and dandy, the truth is that Jason has to win the fans over and put wins on the board. If the final few games of last season are any indication than the fans have something to hope on. But the feeling is positive that this is the guy for the job and he will be able to turn this team around.

2 thoughts on “The Cowboys can win with Jason Garrett

  1. I’m with you 100%. We may all be wrong, but you can’t help but feel he is the right guy for the job. He seems to have taken complete control of the team. I hope he puts the “fear of God” in them like Jimmy did. Obviously he was a good player and has had a lot of experience coaching…now we’ll have to see if he can make it in the NFL. I’d be willing to bet he will. Nice article Kody.

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