The Brady Six: Tom Brady Cries

I have been seeing commercials and snip-its for an ESPN special about the “Tom Brady Six”. This is one of their year of the quarterback specials they ESPN has been running throughout the year. But in this one, they have a candid interview with Tom Brady and his family about how he was hurt and distraught about not being selected before the 6th round. This is the same old song and dance that Brady loves to sneak into every interview he can.

You would really think that the success the guy has had would let him get over it. In fact, he should be happy he was even selected at all, he was an average quarterback at best during his time at Michigan. The fact that he broke down in the interview and started to cry was very shocking, yet comical at best. This guy has had more success and fame during his career than anyone thought ever possible. He has won multiple Super Bowls, married a super model, and is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the game today.

But he still goes on to TV and starts to cry like a little baby about the one bad thing that happened. Tom needs to shut up and grow a pair, look at your life man! you are living the dream. It is just beyond me that he hasn’t gotten over any of this “hurt” that he supposedly harbors from his draft day slight, yet he is the last one standing from the quarterbacks in that class. Where are Tee Martin, Geno Carmoza, and Chris Redman today? Not in the NFL, that’s for sure.

That clip of Brady starting to cry like a little baby has made me lose what little respect I really ever had for him. I guess he has been taking Giselle’s estrogen pills instead of those multivitamins, because he is starting to act more like a woman than she does. Tom Brady needs to just look at his life and be happy, maybe go polish a Super Bowl ring or two and quit whining about somthing that is aincent history today. The fact that he still holds it in such contempt is just the reason I have disliked him from day one.

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6 thoughts on “The Brady Six: Tom Brady Cries

  1. Someones a colts fan. Screw off! Ur just jealous because he’s living the life youve always dreamed of. Just because you sit alone at a computer and probably cry because your a fat no life that a supermodel would never even talk to! Your probably a damn jets fan u little peice of . In my 10 years of watching football he is by far the best qb I’ve ever seen. So get a life and maybe you could be lucky enough to get on tv an cry about how much this comment made you want to change your life

    • HA! I’m not a colts fan, I’m not fat, and Tom Brady is a good quarterback(said so in my article). I just think he needs to grow a pair and quit crying like a little woman. He has had more succsess than the average 6th round pick ever has.

  2. Ur just mad because he’s living the life you’ve always dreamed of you piece of crap jets fan.

  3. I completely agree, it is as if he were talking about what he did not get for Christmas as a child. Is this the most disappointment he has ever had? You don’t hear Drew Brees talking about stuff like that. I would like to see Tony Romo with a little more passion, but it is hard to relate to Brady.

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