The Big XII South is a Bizzaro world

This has been a strange year in the Big XII, but even more weird in the South division. Until this past weekend, Baylor was in the lead of the division, and now Oklahoma State is in the lead. Where are the normal power houses?

Texas has been almost non existent this year. They have become a whipping boy for teams they used to beat up on and don’t see any help for a change for this season. Oklahoma on the other hand has been good, but has lost two conference games and looks to have a struggle to remain near the top.

After Oklahoma State beat Baylor, they now control their own destiny in winning the conference. With games remaining against Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma, all they have to do is win out and get a trip to Dallas in December.

Meanwhile Baylor will need some help, in way of an Oklahoma State loss or two, but Baylor will have to win out to have any chance to win the conference. But with the way this season has gone, I am not going to say anything is impossible.

Don’t forget about the Sooners, if okie state and Baylor both lose and they beat them then they are still in it. But after losing to A&M, and now playing Tech, they are in danger of losing two in a row.

This is a wide open race for the first time in years. It should be fun to see how it will play out. There may well be a new king on the South hill when the dust settles. We need to strap in and enjoy the ride.

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