The Big XII is changing

The last few seasons of the Big XII has been interesting to say the least. First we saw the departure of Nebraska and Colorado. But that same season Texas A&M and Missouri also flirted with leaving but decided to stay put. Then after last season both A&M and Missouri would decide to depart to the SEC.

While it looked like the Big XII was going on life support and free for the picking by other conferences, but the Big XII wasn’t going to roll over and die just yet.  TCU was lured away from an impending Big East move to a more local conference with the chance to be competitive and continue the momentum they had built up over the last five years.

While luring TCU was a great grab for the conference, they still needed to land another team, Then it came about West Virginia was unhappy in the Big East and wanted to find a new home. After some back and forth, West Virginia had agreed to come join the Big XII conference. This added in the eastern time zone and brings an exciting brand of football to the conference.

The 2012 season looks to be a very exciting season for the Big XII, and for the first time in 3 years, the conference looks to be at peace. But it is doubtful the growth is over for the Big XII, everyone at the league office says the Conference is done expanding for now. There have been rumors that some other teams from the East are interested in joining the Big XII. The question will ultimately be when they are brought in and not so much if.

Exciting times are ahead for the Conference and if there are additions in the future, it will only help build the Conference back into a true power conference.

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2 thoughts on “The Big XII is changing

  1. Good article Kody. I agree there will be other teams coming to the Big 12. Love West Virginia’s logo. Reminds me of Whataburger!

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