The Big East; Heading West?

There is an expected announcement from the Big East that will help possibly save the conference from its looming demise. Rumor has it they are planning on adding 5 more members to replace the ones who have left and / or spurned the conference for opportunities elsewhere. While adding more teams and strengthening the conference is a good thing, some of the additions are questionable to say the least…

The addition of teams like Central Florida, Southern Methodist, and Houston make sense for the conference. This will also give them a solid presence in Florida and Texas, which are two of the biggest recruiting hot beds in the country. Then the big question…by adding in Boise State and San Diego State it makes one scratch their head and wonder why they would do this. These additions will make the Big East, the first coast to coast conference.

There is hope once the conference gets to 12 teams, they can go to divisions and help alleviate some of the travel concerns. The biggest question now is how will the Western schedules play out? What will the schedule be for these teams? It is obvious travel will be a logistical nightmare for San Diego State and Boise State. It will also be a nightmare for the Eastern teams with home and home schedules against these schools. However, these two teams signed up for it and will just have to deal with the problems they present. Hope they all thought through this as it sounds pretty dumb to me.

The conference will make arrangements to add these teams by 2013, but they are also rumored to try and attract Navy and Air Force by 2015 at the latest. This is just another shake up in the world of college football, but this expansion will make it hard if not impossible for fans of these schools to travel to away games, especially if it is across country on consecutive weeks.

But once again the schools and conferences show they don’t care about the fans. It’s all about making money and keeping themselves relevant in the BCS.

This entire upheaval of all the conferences has turned into a game of musical chairs for all the teams involved. I bet a lot of them will regret their decisions in the long run. We’ll see.

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