Thankfully for the Longhorns; The Nightmare is over.

Last night the long and painful Texas football season came crashing to an end. While there were very few positives to take away from this season, there were some things to be happy about. Mostly the fact that we sent Nebraska packing to the Big Ten with their tail between their legs. But for any long time Texas fan, this has been the worst season that anyone can remember since the John Mackovic era. While it is expected to have some down seasons from time to time, this was a shell shock for any Longhorn fan, even with lofty expectations at the start of the season. But most Longhorn fans had to be shaking their heads at these lofty expectations with a new quarterback and a young receiveing corps. But I don’t think anyone in the fan base expected this season to be as miserable as it was.

For most fans, it was painful to watch, but there is light at the end of this tunnell. There are some much need personel changes that need to be made witht the coaching staff. The biggest out cry is for the offensive cooridnatior to be fired. But I think more people need to be on the chopping block. Mack Brown has been carrying a stale staff for the last few seasons. Nearly all of his coaches have been with him for the majority of his tenure. The only ones who haven’t been there more than five years, are replacements for some coaches who left for head coaching jobs elsewhere. Hopefully Mack will see that it is time for some new blood and new voices in the ranks. If he wants to right this ship and make a change before next season, it has to be done.

Another thing that may or may not be a good thing for next season is to open up the quarterback spot to everyone. After watching Gilbert this season, I just didn’t see anything that led me to believe he will be better next year. There were more problems than just him, bad offensive line, inexperenced recievers, no big time weapons…etc. There is a laundry list of problems with this team, but in the end the quarterback has to be able lead in the tough times. Unfortunatly for Texas, the only time he did that was at Nebraska. Another problem with this team is the overal scheme they run. This team is not built for a heavy run game, they need to go back to the zone read look they used with Vince and Colt. But then agian with those two quarterbacks, you had somthing special.  All anyone can hope for is an improvment next season and start back up to the top. Another season like this and Mack’s seat may get a little more toasty than he would like. Hopefully he will enjoy the time at home because that’s where the Longhorns will be this bowl season.

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  2. Thank God this season is over. They need an overhaul, maybe Mack will get it done…been a sad season for us orange bloods.

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