Texas Rangers make Splash at the deadline


As the trade deadline has come and gone, there was a lot of speculation over whether the Rangers would be willing to make a move, or not. But over the last few days the Rangers did pull the trigger on some surprising, yet much needed moves. One of the big problems that has been blaring throughout the season to this point has been a weak bullpen without a solid set up man for closer Neftali Feliz. That was until the last two days of the trade deadline.

On Saturday the Rangers made a very surprising move that really wasn’t known outside of a few small circles. The Rangers decided to trade infielder Chris Davis and fan favorite Tommy “Big Game” Hunter to Baltimore for a bullpen guy who has some of the best states in Major League Baseball, Koji Uehara. While the first reaction of this trade was skeptical and somewhat unpopular by most fans, once his stats and where he was going to be able to fit in on the team, then it was met with excitement.

The next and final move came down on Sunday afternoon, while it was announced during a day game in Toronto, it was announced that the Texas Rangers had made another trade for another solid relief pitcher from San Diego. The Rangers traded a couple Double A prospects from Frisco to the Padres for Mike Bell. A former Texas A&M Aggie who has been one of the best bullpen pitchers in the Majors over the last few seasons. This move was met with a lot of excitement and looks like the team has made another solid move to be able to compete in the final months of the season.

For years the Rangers have always had to find ways to out hit and out score their opponents and that has always been on the of the big downfalls of this team. But for two straight years, the upper management has made moves that would bolster the pitching rotation or the bullpen to give the Rangers a chance to succeed and win.  These two acquisitions will be huge to help the Rangers bullpen going into October. After the disappointment of losing the World Series last year, the improved bullpen this year will give Rangers fans a hope to repeat the playoff run and end it with a championship.

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  1. Nice piece Kody. Lots of good information. Hope it has the same results as last years moves.

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  3. I hope they will be a hugh help. I love the Rangers. Keep up the news! I always enjoy reading your articles.

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