Texas Motor Speedway unveils “Big Hoss”

Texas Motor SpeedwayTexas Motor Speedway has a special event to unveil world’s largest video board

Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage has always had a knack for finding ways to make Texas Motor Speedway more popular for the fans than it already is. He has done things like have dare devils doing stunts, and brought in some of the biggest name acts for pre-race entertainment. There was even an April fool’s day stunt where he announced putting a roof over TMS, sadly some people thought it was real and made a big deal about it. 

But on Wednesday night, Gossage and Bruton Smith welcomed race fans, media and some special guests to the track for the official unveiling of their new video screen, aptly named “Big Hoss”. It is being touted as the world’s largest video board at any sports venue (did you hear that Jerry?). It is 94ft x 218ft and is 79% larger than the video board at AT&T Stadium. The event was a way for Gossage and Texas Motor Speedway to get more publicity for the upcoming Duck Commander 500.

There were also appearances made by Kyle Bush, and Helio Castroneves, as well as Willie and Kori Robertson from Duck Commander and A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Fans were allowed to pull into the infield of the track and were invited to sit and watch the latest episode of Duck Dynasty. But this wasn’t just an unveiling of the video board, this was one more chance for Gossage to pull fans out to the race track and try to sale tickets to the fans who haven’t bought them yet for the April race.

Eddie Gossage has the reputation of being one of the best promoters out there and he has a knack for finding ways to bring fans in by the truck load to the track. But then again it probably doesn’t hurt it is one of the most popular tracks on the circuit for both drivers and fans. But don’t those two end up going hand in hand?

The Duck Commander 500 will be on April 6th at Texas Motor Speedway and will feature cast members and family members from Duck Dynasty taking part in different parts of the day. Not to mention the behemoth of a video board that will make even the worst seat seem like a front row seat.

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