Texas heads into a new, Strong era

The Texas Longhorns officially announced the hiring of new coach, Charlie Strong today. This is not the “Big Splash” hire most fans and people around the program wanted, but in the end, this will probably end up being the best hire. Charlie Strong has been on Championship staffs and has been very well respected across all of College football. But the biggest thing he has done was go to Louisville and turn them into a winning program.

Obviously going from Louisville to Texas will be a big change for coach strong and the recruiting grounds will be different in Texas, but if he can find a way to put Texas back on the national stage, he will have a job for life. Everybody said Texas needed to hire a “CEO Coach” similar to Mack Brown to have any chance at winning and getting back to national prominence. But Texas did something unexpected in hiring a “Football first” guy, in hopes he can have Texas competing for championships sooner, rather than later.

This change could be just the thing Texas needs to get back on track. The “CEO” mentality wasn’t cutting it anymore and it was time to clean house from top to bottom. Not continue with the same type of coach who led to the recent struggles. In his introductory press conference Charlie Strong did say that he “wants Mack to stay a part of the program, but “Mack ran his program and he needs a chance to run his”. This is a similar move Mack made back when he was hired at Texas when he made it clear, he wanted Coach Royal to be around the program.

Obviously Charlie Strong realizes without the past, there is no future and it is a great sign of respect to keep Mack in the program as well as Darrell Royal’s family. But at the same time, he is going to take control and run the program going forward the way he needs to be successful. This is not just hiring a new coach, it is a change in philosophy for the Texas Longhorns and it will usher in a new era at Texas. This new era being led by Coach Strong can only succeed if the fans and boosters buy into what he is selling.

At a brief glance, everybody looks ready to buy in because the new motto floating around is “Texas Strong” or “Stronghorns” but this excitement could die quickly if he isn’t able to win on the field. He won a Louisville and has a reputation as a great recruiter, so the future for the Longhorns and Charlie Strong look bright.

2 thoughts on “Texas heads into a new, Strong era

  1. Got me fired up dude. Maybe we will see a “Strong” defense and offense this next year. Hope he dumps the “Country Club” atmosphere and gets the team into grinding it out. We’ll see, but I am all for it. Anything has to be better than where we were. Good job…keep it up.

  2. The “Exes” run everything at Texas – too much and if he is to be successful, he must bypass their getting in his way. That will be tough but that was what dragged down Mack Brown. I have handled their program in hotels and it reminds me of a car, trying to win a race with a large unweildy trailer attached. This choice blindsided me, but I hope it will be a good one. Richest program in US should field a winning team. Texas gets in its own way.

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