Texas Chainsaw Massacre; How sweep it is

Today the Dallas Mavericks shocked the NBA by sweeping the defending champions out of the playoffs. But it wasn’t that the Mavs swept the Lakers, it was the fact that the Mavericks dominated the Lakers from the early onset and never looked back. This was a team that was on a mission and they were not going to be stopped today. This is a welcome surprise for the fan base because this team has had a history of losing momentum and letting things get away from them.

Now the Mavericks will have a few days off to rest and get ready for their next opponent. While taking it to the Lakers in a clean sweep, it should give the team a chance to build on the momentum. But this team wasn’t celebrating a 2nd round victory; they still have the eye of the tiger and are on a mission. The win was nice, but this team has bigger things on its collective mind. One thing that has been a huge surprise with this playoff run is the fact that Mark Cuban has been relatively quiet, until today. But all he would say is that “We Believe”.

Yes Mark, the city and the team do believe. Hopefully the team will back it up in the conference finals.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Chainsaw Massacre; How sweep it is

  1. Sic ’em Kody. Nice article. Love the title. Now, let’s all hope and pray they will keep it moving. They have the talent and they have shown they can play with anyone…they just gotta do it!

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