Texas A&M / South Carolina Rivalry? You have to be kidding!


The Aggies got their wish when they were able to abandon the Big XII conference and transfer their allegiance to the Southeastern Conference. Each and every Aggie you run into will tell you every positive point the move means for their beloved Texas A&M.  They don’t seem to care even if the move meant forsaking every rivalry they had built over the last century.

Sure, they will get to play against teams like Arkansas, LSU and Mississippi on a yearly basis. However their end of year rivalry game will be a humdinger; they get to play South Carolina at season end every year. Wait…what?  How can there be a rivalry when they are over 1,000 miles apart and have never even played each other.
The Aggies were so focused on getting out of Texas’ shadow and making sure everyone in the country knew they were no longer going be the little “tag along” to Texas anymore. They forgot to take into account they were ending long standing rivalries with not only Texas, but Baylor, Texas Tech and even Oklahoma. All of those schools are less than 300 miles away and easy travel for their fan base. Don’t even think about the recruiting factor.  They had a built in recruiting trail with all of these “local” rivalries.

Will playing every other year in South Carolina bring recruits to College Station? I doubt it. To some of the kids on the east coast, Texas A&M might as well be in a foreign country.  Heck, to most people outside of College Station, Texas A&M is in a foreign country anyway. However, that is besides the point… besides killing all rivalries with the move, they have pretty much doomed themselves to be a basement team in the SEC. Can you see Texas A&M beating LSU, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas or even South Carolina on a regular basis?  Hope the move was worth it Aggies, because from where I’m sitting…you are on your way to being the laughing stock of college football.

As my mom always says, “you jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

3 thoughts on “Texas A&M / South Carolina Rivalry? You have to be kidding!

  1. Sad but true. Oh how I long for the old SWC. Good article…the truth was spoken my man.

  2. The only way Texas A&M avoids being forever a cellar-dweller is to do two things:

    1) Complete the destruction of the Big 12, then find a way to get the Oklahoma/Texas recruits to come to College Station in large numbers.

    2) Hire recruiters who have strong roots in other “hotbed” areas, like in Florida and California.

    Even that may not work, and it certainly won’t for a while.

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