TCU vs. Auburn; A What if simulation

Ever since the end of the 2010 college football season, there have been questions about what would have happened if we had the +1 game of  TCU and Auburn. While sitting around contemplating this, I found a simulation website that made this information possible. I ran a series of simulations to make sure that this wasn’t a fluke. And after some work, this is what the simulator came up with.

TCU jumped out to an early lead with a couple quick field goals but then the Auburn came roaring back with 10 points in the 2nd quarter, but that didn’t gain any ground because TCU was able to add 17 to their already nice lead. In the 2nd half it was much of the same, TCU held Auburn scoreless in the 3rd, while getting 6 points and then Auburn made a charge late, but TCU was able to hold off and seal the victory. The 2010 version of the TCU Horned Frogs held on to beat the 2010 Auburn Tigers 46-32 on a neutral site.

While will never know how this game would play out in real life. It was fun to run the simulation and read the play by play. This is the ultimate what if scenario, and firmly plants the belief that the NCAA and the BCS is only hurting the football fans of this country by not allowing these games to happen. Who knows, May try to do a couple more simulations of historic games.

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4 thoughts on “TCU vs. Auburn; A What if simulation

  1. Obviously I did not see the simulation, but in my heart I feel sure no one would have beaten TCU this year. Overall, had to be one of the greatest teams of all time…and I’m nothing more than a luke warm TCU fan. It was truly a team effort all year with few if any special players…just a great team. TCU’s coach has to be one of the best coaches in the country. His record proves it over the last ten years.

    • It was interesting to see how the flow of the game went play by play. TCU was in control the whole game. I don’t know if the game would have gone that way in real life, but after watching both of these teams throughout the season. It would have been fun to watch, and I am saddened that it never happened.

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