TCU and Boise are deserving of Title Shot

Today it has come out in the media that the Ohio State president decided to come out and blast both Boise State and TCU. He said in essence that he doesn’t believe they deserve a title shot . It is really funny hearing this type of statement from a President who’s school has suffered one loss already this season. Considering that Ohio State isn’t even anywhere near being able to play for a title. I would think that this has just become a case of jealousy.

Maybe it is the fact that he feels like money would be taken out of his pocket by allowing a non automatic qualifier to play for the championship. Either way, the guy has just made an absolute fool of himself and he should be embarrassed that these kinds of statements made their way out into the media. Hopefully either Boise State or TCU will make the championship game just so this guy will have to eat a little bit of humble pie at the end of the season.

TCU and Boise State both have credible resumes that make them very deserving of the opportunity to play for the coveted BCS championship. But that will only happen with a little bit of help from some other teams.

4 thoughts on “TCU and Boise are deserving of Title Shot

  1. In small way I don’t disagree with some of what Gee says at Ohio State. I don’t think if TCU or Boise St. played in the SEC or Big 12 they would be 11-0 that said they are still very very good teams that are at least 9-2 or 10-1 anywhere they play. This is the system we have, and if Boise St. and TCU finish 1 2 in the BCS let’m go at it.

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  3. Maybe now that Boise State lost TCU will get it’s due. I’m sure they will jump them with a 1 loss team, but here’s hoping…

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