The Tarnished Shield


When Roger Goodell took over as commissioner he came out and decided to be an “iron fisted” authority figure. He wanted to “protect the shield” and keep all off the field activities to a minimum. At the beginning it seemed to work and things got quiet on the off the field front, but lately, things have been bad for the commissioner and the NFL.

At first they had to deal with additional footage of the Ray Rice incident, and had to deal with two other players with domestic violence problems. Then when things seemed to be calming down, Adrian Peterson has been accused of child abuse.

This is a sad time in the NFL, because it seems like there are more bad news stories surrounding players and the league than ever before. What should happen going forward? Should Goodell be fired? Or is this a bigger issue, where changing leadership won’t fix? Those questions can’t really be answered immediately.

The NFL should make sweeping changes regarding any violent or abuse type charges and keep it clear, these types of things will not be tolerated. A player should be suspended at the time the charge is brought public, and should stay suspended until resolution of the case. Some will say, “you can’t do that” The NFL can do that and they should, because in the case of violent or abuse cases, you should be guilty until proven innocent.
Being an NFL player is a privilege, and if you do something to endanger that privilege, then you need to suffer the consequences. But this will never happen because the players union will have a fit and keep these “coddled” players feeling entitled.

The NFL shield is severely tarnished right now, and fans and corporate sponsors are starting to get fed up with all the issues the NFL is facing. Things need to change, and change fast because there is a risk of losing a lot of money in the not so distant future. But we all know until the owners start losing money, they won’t push for change. Until then the NFL shield will be tarnished.

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