UConn Wins it all in dog ugly fashion

I initially wrote most of this piece as the game ended last night, but decided that I better hold off and see if my opinion changed about the game at all. Well, it didn’t, The build up to this game was far greater than the actual product in this case. The game started out slow, and was played very sloppy, the only conclusion that I could come up with is that neither team was playing to win the game. Instead they were playing not to lose this game, and they were both tenetive and didn’t want to make a mistake.

Butler had a bad shooting night all around, they could not get anything to fall their way. But the thing that killed them from the early onset, was the fact that they could not get to the interior. I don’t know if they were scared, or if they just couldn’t match up phsicaly with the UConn big men inside. Either way, Butler was forced to shoot jump shots and three pointers all night, and it was a brick fest. UConn didn’t shoot much better, but at least they could drive to the hoop and make things happen.

National Championship games usually end up being sloppy and sluggish games anyway, but last night that was taken to a whole new level. Butler had the lowest shooting percentage in a championship game ever. The half time score resembled the final score of January’s BCS title game and the game was just as sloppy. While the torunament overall was one of the best ones ever, this game puts a very awkward end to the tournament and the season. It won’t matter in the future about the meat of the game, nobody will remember this being a sluggish and sloppy game, but everyone will remember who won.

Congratulations to UConn and their fans, they were the better team when it mattered.

National Championship Preview and Prediction

Monday night the country will be treated to a good match up of the two teams left standing from this year’s tournament. The Butler Bulldogs are Cinderella for the second year in a row and have an opportunity to shock the world and steal a championship away from the Connecticut Huskies. Coach Jim Calhoun is back in the championship game and he wants to win his 3rd championship to cement his legacy.

The Butler Bulldogs came within one miracle shot last season of winning it all and shocking the world. But this year, they weren’t given any favoritism when they were an 8
seed coming into the tournament. They have won every game by close proximity, but this is setting up to be a great game. Both of these teams are very well matched and this could come down to who makes the shots when they count. As it stands, UConn will be the favorite and probably will have the best chance to win all of it. But I am not going to count Butler out.

I have run the simulations and everything is leaning towards an UConn victory. But I am going to go against this trend, and say that Butler is going to find a way to win. After losing last year in such a heart breaking fashion, they will want this one more than they did last year. I figure this will come down to a last minute possession and could be won on a shot or missed shot. Either way, prepare to be entertained and enjoy the game.

Also, be sure to check in with Kody’s Sports Korner during the game as I will have a live blog going for this game.

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National Championship is Set

Last night the two semi-final games were played in Houston and we now know who will play in the National Championship on Monday night. The Butler Bulldogs withstood a furious attack from the VCU Rams to pull away at the end of the game. This will be Butler’s second straight appearance in the National Championship. This year they will have a better shot at winning it all because this is a mature team with experience being in this situation.

The second game of the night was Kentucky and UConn, which looked like early on that UConn would run away. But Kentucky made a big push to start the 2nd half and made it a close game as time wound down. It ended up being a missed shot late that sealed Kentucky’s fate and the UConn Huskies are in the National Championship. This is Calhoun’s 2nd team to play for the National Championship, last time in 2004 they won it all.

This should be a great championship game, and I will come back and break it down later today. So please stay tuned for the preview and the predictions for this great match up of Butler and UConn

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It’s time; Final Four Predictions

As I previously talked about in my Final Four Preview, these games on Saturday should be exciting and fun to watch. While writing the preview, I decided I would save the predictions for this piece. So as I am writing this, I have run some numerous simulations of each game to see how it could possibly play out. I have to say I was a little surprised with some of the results, but if this turns out the way the simulations went, then I will be even more surprised.

VCU vs Butler:
The first game of the day is the most intriguing game of the day because you are pitting last years Cinderella against this years Cinderella. But the difference is that VCU is coming into this game on a real hot streak. If the Rams can contain Butler and withstand there best shot, then VCU may be in the championship game.  Final Score: VCU 76 – Butler 53

UConn vs Kentucky:
Everybody has said that the winner of this game is going to be the next National Champion. All I have to say is that nothing should be guaranteed for the winner of this game. Because anything can happen in this crazy tournament. This should be a very even game, but I think Kentucky will have a better chance at winning this game just because they have a visable speed advantage. But never count out Kemba Walker from UConn. Final Score: Kentucky 63 – UConn 62

According to the simulations and everything I have looked at, then our championship game will be Kentucky vs VCU. While I think this would be an entertaining final, I will hold off on predicting or previewing this match up until after the final game on Saturday. Please check back for championship game preview and predictions.

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