Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 12

This weekend turned out to be a trap weekend for a lot of teams. While it was exciting for the fans, and great theatre. It turned out to wreak havoc on the polls and most of all the BCS systems. I have taken a little extra time to debate the poll this week. Now that I have taken the appropriate time, I feel that I can release my true rankings. We are getting near the end of the regular season and a lot can still happen.


  1. LSU[1]
  2. Virginia Tech[4]
  3. Arkansas[5]
  4. Houston[6]
  5. Michigan St.[7]
  6. Alabama[8]
  7. Stanford[9]
  8. Boise St.[12]
  9. South Carolina[15]
  10. Wisconsin[16]
  11. Penn St.[17]
  12. West Virginia[18]
  13. Oklahoma St.[2]
  14. Oregon[3]
  15. Georgia[19]
  16. Notre Dame[20]
  17. Baylor[22]
  18. Clemson[10]
  19. Auburn[23]
  20. Oklahoma[11]
  21. TCU[24]
  22. Nebraska[13]
  23. Michigan[NR]
  24. Southern Miss[14]
  25. Kansas State[NR]




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Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 11

What a crazy weekend as we had two top 5 teams tumble. But we saw Oklahoma State jump into the 2nd spot and it looks like they will be holding their own destiny in their hands if they can win out. Houston is just sitting outside the top 5 as a potential BCS buster, can the cougars do it? We only have a couple more weeks to know. How is your favorite team ranked this week?

  1. LSU[1]
  2. Oklahoma St.[4]
  3. Oregon[5]
  4. Virginia Tech[6]
  5. Arkansas[7]
  6. Houston[9]
  7. Michigan St.[9]
  8. Alabama[10]
  9. Stanford[3]
  10. Clemson[13]
  11. Oklahoma[11]
  12. Boise St.[2]
  13. Nebraska[15]
  14. Southern Miss[18]
  15. South Carolina[19]
  16. Wisconsin[20]
  17. Penn St.[12]
  18. West Virginia[21]
  19. Georgia[23]
  20. Notre Dame[24]
  21. Cincinnati[17]
  22. Baylor[25]
  23. Auburn[16]
  24. TCU[NR]
  25. Texas[14]


Georgia Tech[25]

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Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 10

Another solid week of football is in the books, we had some great games happen this week and those games helped shaped some of the movement within the polls this week. Will we see more than two undefeated teams? Can any undefeated team survive the rest of the season? These are the burning questions heading into the last few weeks of the season. There will be more movement, but who will survive to be a national championship contender?


  1. LSU[1]
  2. Boise St.[3]
  3. Stanford[4]
  4. Oklahoma St.[5]
  5. Oregon[6]
  6. Virginia Tech[8]
  7. Arkansas[9]
  8. Houston[11]
  9. Michigan St.[12]
  10. Alabama[2]
  11. Oklahoma[13}
  12. Penn St.[14}
  13. Clemson[16]
  14. Texas[17]
  15. Nebraska[7]
  16. Auburn[18]
  17. Cincinnati[19]
  18. Southern Miss[21]
  19. South Carolina[10]
  20. Wisconsin[22]
  21. West Virginia[15]
  22. Georgia Tech[25]
  23. Georgia[NR]
  24. Notre Dame[NR]
  25. Baylor[NR]


23. Kansas St.

24. Michigan

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Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25;Week 9

 Another interesting week of football is in the books, this week we saw a few undefeated teams go down and a couple more barely make it out with their undefeated record. This week we will have a matchup of the #1 and #2 team in the nation. Not to mention there are more quality matchups on the horizon. More fun this week and for the coming weeks, hold on to your seats, because it will be a bumpy ride.

  1. LSU[1]
  2. Alabama[2]
  3. Boise St.[3]
  4. Stanford[4]
  5. Oklahoma St.[5]
  6. Oregon[6]
  7. Nebraska[9]
  8. Virgina Tech[10]
  9. Arkansas[11]
  10. South Carolina[12]
  11. Houston[16]
  12. Michigan St.[7]
  13. Oklahoma[17]
  14. Penn St.[18]
  15. West Virginia[19]
  16. Clemson[8]
  17. Texas[20]
  18. Auburn[21]
  19. Cincinnati[24]
  20. Texas A&M[13]
  21. Southern Miss[NR]
  22. Wisconsin[14]
  23. Kansas State[15]
  24. Michigan[NR]
  25. Georgia Tech[NR]



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Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 8

 Another week is in the books and some surprising upsets. There was a lot of movement this week, and I expect to see a whole lot more before we reach the end of November. I have also added some new features to the poll. This has been an interesting season already and there is so much more to play.


1. LSU [1]


3. Boise St.[4]

4. Stanford [5]

5. Oklahoma St.[6]


7. Michigan St.[12]

8. Clemson [11]


10. Virgina Tech [14]


12.South Carolina[15]

13.TexasA&M [16]





18. Penn St.[21]

19.West Virginia[10]



22. Baylor [23]



25.TexasTech [NR]



Ga Tech [24]


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