Texas A&M / South Carolina Rivalry? You have to be kidding!


The Aggies got their wish when they were able to abandon the Big XII conference and transfer their allegiance to the Southeastern Conference. Each and every Aggie you run into will tell you every positive point the move means for their beloved Texas A&M.  They don’t seem to care even if the move meant forsaking every rivalry they had built over the last century.

Sure, they will get to play against teams like Arkansas, LSU and Mississippi on a yearly basis. However their end of year rivalry game will be a humdinger; they get to play South Carolina at season end every year. Wait…what?  How can there be a rivalry when they are over 1,000 miles apart and have never even played each other.
The Aggies were so focused on getting out of Texas’ shadow and making sure everyone in the country knew they were no longer going be the little “tag along” to Texas anymore. They forgot to take into account they were ending long standing rivalries with not only Texas, but Baylor, Texas Tech and even Oklahoma. All of those schools are less than 300 miles away and easy travel for their fan base. Don’t even think about the recruiting factor.  They had a built in recruiting trail with all of these “local” rivalries.

Will playing every other year in South Carolina bring recruits to College Station? I doubt it. To some of the kids on the east coast, Texas A&M might as well be in a foreign country.  Heck, to most people outside of College Station, Texas A&M is in a foreign country anyway. However, that is besides the point… besides killing all rivalries with the move, they have pretty much doomed themselves to be a basement team in the SEC. Can you see Texas A&M beating LSU, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas or even South Carolina on a regular basis?  Hope the move was worth it Aggies, because from where I’m sitting…you are on your way to being the laughing stock of college football.

As my mom always says, “you jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

Sports Brain Seepage Vol. 4

 Dodgers File for Chapter 11:
Earlier this week we heard the report that one of the most historical and revered franchises in Major League Baseball had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court. While the soap opera of the McCourt’s divorce and the team has been an ongoing story since before spring training, now it seems that there are more problems. There have been stories of Major League Baseball trying to muscle it’s way in and take over the team, but it seems that Frank McCourt has found ways to prevent that from happening at this point. While filing for Chapter 11 may be his next ploy to keep the team for now, in the end, the league will get control of the team and have it sold off to a proper owner that can keep the team out of the negative headlines. This just shows that even a historic franchise such as the Dodgers aren’t immune to problems that plague everyone else.

NASCAR Announces Hall of Fame:
NASCAR recently announced it’s Hall of Fame class for 2012, while the whole Hall of Fame deal is brand new for the sport, and there is a list 10 miles long of worthy inductees, I think this was a very solid group of inductees into the Hall. Your 2012 class is Cale Yarbrough, Daryl Waltrip, Dale Inman, Richie Evans, and Glen Wood. While some names are huge with the sport, and well known even today with the young fans, there are a couple names which are somewhat hidden and unknown. But like I previously said, there is a list so long that it will take years to get all of the guys who deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to this years class, it will be interesting to see who the next guys are next year.

South Carolina Wins College World Series for 2nd straight year:
Even Though they have moved into a new ballpark and it is another year, things this year ended the same way as last year. With a pile of Gamecocks on the pitchers mound. Yes, South Carolina is the first back to back champion in the College World Series since 06-07, and it is the 16th time overall a team has repeated. They won the championship last night in undramatic fashion when they defeated the Gators 5-3. Congratulations South Carolina, you deserve it. Now, how much longer till football season?

Kody’s Sports Korner Bowl Preview; Part 2

Time for the 2nd preview, too much to break down in one post and will continue it here. Be sure to check out Part 1.

Little Caesars Bowl:
Florida International vs Toledo
While this isn’t going to be a marquis matchup that everone will be wanting to watch, this game has some potential to be close. Ok, I couldn’t finish that sentence with a straight face. This game will be ugly and will probably be boring all at the same time. I am not really going to bore you with any more thoughts on this game. But at least it is football.
Prediction: Toledo 38 – Florida Int. 21

Advo Care V100 Independence Bowl:
Air Force vs Georgia Tech

Don’t bllink, this game could be over as quick as it starts. This will be a very fast game because there will be very few clock stoppages. Both of these teams run an option heavy offense and will run the ball with purpose. This is a game for the old school throwback fans like myself. Football is running the ball and punching you in the mouth. This game is very evenly matched in terms of offensive powers. Josh Nesbit for Ga Tech is questionable for this game, so if he does play, that will make the game closer. Otherwise I expect Air Force to be the better team and win this one.
Prediction: Airforce 24 – Ga Tech 17

Champs Sports Bowl:
West Virginia vs NC State –
This game could be a very interesting game, but I don’t expect it to be a close game by any stretch. West Virginia looks to be the better team with the better weapons and that may just be too much for NC State to over come. NC State keeps it close early, but falls to the side late.
Prediction: West Virginia 35 – NC State 14

Insight Bowl:
Missouri vs Iowa –
This game is interesting, but I really think that will be an embarrasment by the time this game ends. I see a Missouri team that is good, but right now Iowa is stinging after the scandal and will have more focus on this game than they have had all season long. That’s why I think this game will get ugly and Iowa will just run away with it.
Prediction: Iowa 42 – Missouri 24

Military Bowl:
East Carolina vs Maryland –
This could potentially be Ralph Freidgens final game as the head coach at Maryland, but East Carolina isn’t a push over team. I don’t see this one being a great game for Maryland.
Prediction: East Carolina 24 – Maryland 17

Texas Bowl:
Illinois vs Baylor-
Baylor is playing in it’s first bowl game in over a decade, and they have the privilege of playing a Ron Zook led Illinois team. This will almost be like a home game for Baylor, since it will be played in Houston. I figure Baylor will have a lot to play for in this game and should be able to win this game.
Prediction: Baylor 35 – Illinois 14

Valero Alamo Bowl:
Oklahoma St vs Arizona
Oklahoma State will be dealing with the disappointment of letting a chance at a bigger and better bowl have slipped through their hands, while Arizona will feel lucky to have made it to a bowl. I think Gundy realizes there is a Stoops on the other side again and locks up. Arizona wins this in an impressive fashion.
Prediction: Arizona 28 – Oklahoma State 10

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl:
Army vs SMU
SMU gets to play in their second consecutive bowl game under June Jones, and they get to play this one on their own home field. Army meanwhile is coming off their best season in a while and a tough game against rival Navy. While this game will be a battle to the finish, I think the quick turn around and the fact SMU is at home will to much to over come.
Prediction: SMU 35 – Army 24

New Era Penstripe Bowl:
Kansas St vs Syracuse
This is going to be a battle of two programs who are under a resurgence, but with the location of this game and the fact that Syracuse looks to be a little bit better, I don’t see this game being very good for the K-State wildcats. Syracuse with an almost home field advantage should spell doom for the wildcats.
Prediction: Syracuse 28 – Kansas St. 10

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl:
North Carolina vs Tennessee –
This is a match up of two teams who are polar opposites. North Carolina started the season with hope and talk of winning the ACC and Tennessee was in a rebuilding mode and only dreamed of a Bowl game. But with a few bad breaks and some luck both teams are bowling. North Carolina had their team picked apart due to an NCAA investigation and Tennessee had to find the right combination to hit a winning chord. This could be a very tight game and be very entertaining. I look for this one to be decided on the last possession.
Prediction: North Carolina 24 – Tennessee 21

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl:
Nebraska vs Washington –
This game is just an absolute joke, there is nothing really more to say here than the Nebraska Corhnhuskers just embarrass Washington.
Prediction: Nebraska 42 – Washington 10

Meineke car care Bowl:
South Florida vs Clemson
This game is more evenly matched than you would realize, both of these teams are good, but have had some tough luck and bad bounces along the way. While most experts would have you thinking that Clemson will win this one hands down, I see South Florida pulling out a victory in surprise fashion.
Prediction: South Florida 35 – Clemson 28

Hyundai Sun Bowl:
Notre Dame vs Miami
The rematch of the “Catholics vs. Convicts” has come earlier than expected. This should be an exciting game in the fact that these are two very prideful teams playing with a big amount of hurt pride this season. This time around though, I think it will be all Notre Dame.
Prediction: Notre Dame 38 – Miami 17

AutoZone Liberty Bowl:
Georgia vs Central Florida  –
This match up would lead you to believe that Georgia would win this game hands down, but this is a quality Central Florida team and I think they have something to prove in this game.
Central Florida 28 – Georgia 21

Chick Fil-A Bowl:
South Carolina vs Florida St
Another quality match up to end the year in Atlanta. This game has all of the makings of a great match up. But I think Spurrier pulls out some tricks that will help the Gamecocks win.
Prediction: South Carolina 35 – Florida State 21

What I learned – Championship Week

Yesterday was the last full Saturday of the College football season and boy was it exciting. While it is sad that this will be final full weekend for now. It went out with a bang. So here is what we know after this last weekend of the season.

While this game wasn’t on a lot of peoples radar, this was still an interesting game to watch. SMU kept having chances to get back into this game and make it interesting down the wire. But UCF was able to make the plays and put themselves in position to win this game. While it was a bummer to see them lose this game, SMU has come a long way in two seasons under June Jones. SMU will be back to compete for the Conference USA again. Meanwhile UCF may have made the best case for them to get an invite into the Big East conference.

Oregon vs Oregon St.
While it looked from the start that this game was going to be a tight one and possibly an upset minded Oregon State was more ready to play. It only took a matter of time before Oregon got their offense going and pushed their will on their rival. Oregon was playing for their chance to go to Glendale and play for the National Championship. They punched their ticket with ease and will now have over a month to prepare. And they will need every practice to get ready for their next opponent.

Auburn vs S. Carolina
This was supposed to be the game of the day. Everyone was figuring this would be a tight game with an Auburn victory, well, you got half of it right. Auburn took advantage of every opportunity and ended up make this a run away. Cam Newton all but locked up his bid for the Heisman trophy in this game. Now Auburn has punched their ticket to Glendale to face Oregon. Auburn has been one of the better teams all season and they can now prove it.

Virginia Tech vs Florida St.
This game started like it was going to be a track meet, but unfortunately for Florida State couldn’t keep up. Virginia Tech has really turned their season around after their 0-2 start. They finished on a 9 game winning streak and will get to play in a BCS bowl. Should be a good building tool for next season.

Nebraska vs Oklahoma
This is the final championship game  for the Big XII. It turned out to be the most exciting game of the night. Nebraska was trying real hard to win the final championship and skirt their way to the Big Ten conference. Instead, they get beat again in Dallas. They will now pack their bags for their new conference and hope to have more success there. Meanwhile Oklahoma finished a good turnaround after their dismal season last year. They will play in the Fiesta Bowl against an at large team which is to be announced.

Honorable Mentions
It was an interesting day to say the least, we had a story of a Cincinnati mascot getting ejected from their game yesterday for throwing snowballs into the stands. This has been a bad year for mascots all around. The Big East conference got their champion in a doozy of a game with UConn winning the game with a 50 yard field goal. Another interesting story came out of Los Angeles, where fans from USC and UCLA got into a brawl where two men were stabbed and a cop had a broken hand. In the end, that put this game on the map and made it some what news relevant. Otherwise nobody outside of Los Angeles wouldn’t have cared about this game.

Championship Weekend Preview: These games matter

This weekend is Championship weekend and these games will not only decide conference champions, but most of them will decide who goes to what bowl games and which teams will be part of the BCS Bowls. But there is one game on this slate with national championship game implications, which only makes this one game the most importaint of the day. Meanwhile there are teams making their first appearence in the championship, and some teams who have been here many times before. Either way we should enjoy this group of games, because the season is over after today.

N. Illinois vs Miami(OH)
The annual showdown of MAC teams at Ford Field in Detroit usually ends up saving most of us from Friday night boredom. This year we get N.Illinois against Miami(OH), which should be a good game. N. Illinois is coming in on a good year and coming off an out right dismantling of a directional Michigan school. Meanwhile Miami has had a good year, coming in to this game after beating a quality Temple team. This game is usually very entertaining and usually has a few wrinkles thrown into it. I predict a very close game, but I think Northern Illinois will win this one.
Prediction: Northern Illinois 28 – Miami(OH) 17

SMU is getting back into the national spotlight, this time for the right reasons. SMU is playing for their first out right conference championship since 1982, But the did have a C0-champiosnhip back in 1984(SWC -With Houston). SMU is going to go to their second bowl in a row win or lose. This is an exciting team to watch and they are going to a team that is dangerous in the Conference USA championship game. UCF is a young division 1 program who is really starting to establish a recipie for success, UCF is a good team and will be dangerous at home in this game. UCF hasn’t won a Confrence USA title since 2007. This should be an entertaining game, but I will give the slight edge to the Mustangs and think they will have what it takes to win their first conference crown in 27 years.
Prediction: SMU 17 – UCF 10

Auburn vs South Carolina
This has to be the game of the day. With so much riding on this game, it will be must see TV. This will be the 2nd meeting between these two teams this season, the forst one resulted in a close escape for Auburn. But this time around, it will probably be a different ball game. Steve Spurrier will have his team ready to play, and will look to clinch South Carolina’s first SEC title. Auburn on the other hand is coming off one of the more exciting wins this season. If Cam Newton can make plays again this week, then Auburn should win. If S. Carolina can contain him, then they have a shot. Either way it should be entertaining.
Prediction: Auburn 24 – S. Carolina 21

Florida State vs Virginia Tech
This is a match up of familiar foes, but this will be the first time that these two teams have met in the championship game since 2005. Virginia Tech is coming in winning the last eight games of the season after starting 0-2. Beamer has had his team on a roll and they look to be able to win this game and get into a BCS bowl, which after the second week, looked like an impossible dream. Florida State is coming in after a solid year, and after the way it started, this is a great way to look at ending the season. After being dismanteled by Oklahoma, everyone thought this team was in trouble. But they rebounded by 5 in a row, suffered two losses and then won the last three. The last win was a big one being over in-state rival Florida. This should be an evenly matched game. I think Virginia Tech is just a little bit better and wins a battle.
Prediction: Virginia Tech 35 – Florida State 28

Oklahoma vs Nebraska
This is a classic match up between two old school rivals from the original Big 8 conference. But these two teams have been up and down in the Big XII. This will be the first time these two have met since 2006, which Oklahoma won. There is a lot on the line in this game for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, they will be leaving the conference after this season and they would love to be able to walk out a champion. Nebraska is coming to the game witht only two losses this season, both to teams from the state of Texas. But the bigger thing on their mind is erasing the pain from last year when they were beat on a last second field goal. This year Pelini wants nothing more to win the game and bury the past in Dallas. Oklahoma on the other hand is coming in after winning an exciting game last week agianst their rival. Oklahoma has had a good year, but it hasn’t been as good as some would hope after suffering two losses. But it is a drastic improvment from last season. This should be an even game, but I think the running game will be the difference and that is why I am picking Oklahoma to win in a knock down drag out brawl.
Prediction: Oklahoma 28 – Nebraska 24

Other Games of interest:

UConn vs. S. Florida:
This game wouldn’t be that interesing to me other than the fact that UConn can effeictivley win the Big East crown and be the team to play in a BCS bowl. South Florida just recently beat Miami, but UConn is coming in on a 4 game win streak. This should be a fun game to watch, but I think Uconn will be able to win this one pretty easy. There is a big carrott for the huskies and that will help them find the way to win.
Prediction: Uconn 35 – S. Florida 21

Oregon vs Oregon State:
The annual Civil War game is always a fun game to watch, but this one has a little more at stake than the usual year. This year Oregon can punch their ticket to Glendale with a victory. This seems like an easy enough task to get up for and secure your shot at a national championship. But the problem is, this is a rivalry game and things happen in rivalry games. unfortunatly I don’t see that one happening in this game. Oregon should do to State, what they have done all season.
Prediction: Oregon 52 – Oregon State 10