All is quiet for Mavericks at deadline

The trade deadline has come and gone, with no real action from the Dallas Mavericks. There were rumors, there were supposed moves, but in the end, there was nothing done when the dust settled. Mark Cuban made it known a while before the deadline that the Mavs were just fine without making a move. There has been some truth with that by the way that the team has been playing. The one thing that has been a boost and hopefully will catapult this team is the return of Rodrigue Beaubois.

 Add in the fact that the team was able to also pick up Peja Stojakavic, which will help add some veteran presence and someone who can be deadly on the perimeter. Other than those two items, the key for this team is to remain healthy. With the exodus of talent from the West to the East, this is opening the door for the Mavericks if they can get hot right here before the playoffs start. Maybe Cuban is right, this team really didn’t need to make a move to be better.