Longhorns Stun Sooners in Red River Upset

*** This is an emergency bulletin from the Norman Oklahoma national weather service; There is a flash flood warning for the next 365 days as there will be tons of Sooner tears falling into the river after today’s stunning upset***

Stun OUIf you still haven’t heard the news today, then you must have been living under a rock… Because there was an Oklahoma breakdown today in historic Cotton Bowl stadium courtesy of the Texas Longhorns. It was a win for the ages for the Longhorns, who have not been playing good this season.

From the opening kickoff, you just had a sense the Longhorns were fired up and wanted to prove all the “naysayers” wrong. There have been a lot of questions and concerns from the 40 Acres after the TCU blowout. But while everyone across the country, even most Texas faithful, had Oklahoma picked to win, the team on the field believed they could beat the 10th ranked Sooners. Continue reading

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Undefeated Longhorns Stampeding into Dallas

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When the season started, there were a lot of different expectations for the Longhorns, but even the most positive fan wasn’t expecting a 4-0 start. But that is the case of this young team, they are undefeated and playing as well as any fan could hope for. Season started with an unpopular quarterback but now we are seeing the maturation of two good quarterbacks. Case McCoy and David Ash are easily the future of this Longhorns team, and they are leading this team as a tandem that nobody expected.

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