NASCAR announces changes to points system, and other changes

In what has been rumored for the last week or so, NASCAR finally decided to announce it’s changes to the points system. The newer and easier point system will be easier for fans to follow along and keep track of what is going on with the standings. This is coming after a long run of drivers, and fans complaining about how the old points system rewarded drivers who just ran mid pack and stayed out of trouble.

Finally the new points system will reward winning drivers and give every team the extra incentive to win the race. Because with this new system, one win can make or break your chances of being in the “chase”. As it has been laid out, the winning driver will get 43 points and it will trickle down to last place. But where the big difference lies is the bonus points, 3 points for winning, plus 1 point for leading a lap, and 1 point for most laps lead. That is a whopping 48 points if the winner hits all the bonus possibilities. Those extra 5 points could easily decide a championship and a 2nd place finish.

Also announced is a new “wild card” feature to the chase format. The top 10 drivers in points will be seeded by wins from 1st to 10th. But the last two participants will be let in to the chase based on number of most wins outside the top 10 in points. This should add some excitement to the final few races before the chase starts. There have been a few other announcements about changes to NASCAR this season, but the one that will make fans and other drivers happy is that a driver can only choose one series to race for a championship in. This will end the Sprint Cup regulars invading the Nationwide series and stealing a championship from a young and up coming driver who deserves it. All in all these are good changes for the sport and should make it more exciting to watch this up coming season.

If you want to get a low down on everything, visit NASCAR’S website for in depth details.