Nolan Ryan Curse?

Nolan RyanDid Nolan Ryan curse the Texas Rangers when he left?

Back in the off-season, Nolan Ryan made a statement to the ownership group, which had been slowly shrinking his power and control within the franchise, he pretty much said “It’s him(John Daniels), or me” and the ownership went with the latter and chose John Daniels over Nolan Ryan, which seemed to irritate and upset most people within the fan base.
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Thoughts on Ian Kinsler’s comments

Ian Kinsler CommentsIan Kinsler recently came out with some comments about John Daniels and the Texas Rangers, and they seem to have started a fire storm for Ian in the area. But then after the comments reach a national audience, he wants to say they were taken out of context and back off of them a little bit. Unfortunately for Ian, this isn’t going to happen. While his comments seemed a little harsh and probably not the best comments to make a point, I think if you take a deep look at what he said, then there may be some truth in what was said. Because we have heard similar things about the Rangers organization from other players who have left, namely Josh Hamilton, you have to start to think there is some truth. Even though Josh has become public enemy number one, Ian will probably fall to Public enemy number two after these comments.

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Nolan Ryan “Retires”; But was it Forced?

Late last week it was announced Nolan Ryan would be retiring from the Texas Rangers front office, but during the press conference Nolan let it slip that he was resigning. It has been no secret there has been some discourse between Nolan and Rangers GM Jon Daniels, but in public, they would say it was just “media fodder” and nothing was wrong. This has led some people to wonder, was Nolan being forced out, or is he leaving because he doesn’t want to be involved with Daniels anymore?

The only two people who know the true answer will be Nolan and Jon, and they have both made it very clear, neither will tip their cap to the true answer. While the owners and rest of the front office staff want fans to believe this will be a seamless transition and will not effect the way the team plays on the field going forward. I can’t help but think this could have a bigger negative affect than most will realize right now.

Nolan Ryan brought credibility to this franchise when it was nothing more than a laughingstock and he helped engineer the turnaround of a life time. Most people will give Daniels most of the credit, but I don’t doubt for a minute Nolan had more power than most realized. And it was because of that power that Daniels started lobbying for more control and ended up getting it. But with that control, the Rangers are now losing someone who gave fans hope the team would finally bring a championship back to Arlington.

Can the Rangers win a World Series without Nolan in the front office? Yes, but those hopes will now fall solely on Jon Daniels shoulders, and if Rangers fans will look back, he had a history of making dumb decisions before Nolan arrived. Some would argue the lack of a decision this year could be at fault for the Rangers not going further in the post season. So as Rangers fans say good bye to Nolan, and try to keep positive about the future of this team, they can only hope Daniels doesn’t regress with his sole control of decisions going forward.

Can fans fully say “In Jon Daniels we trust?” only time will tell.

Nolan Ryan being forced out?

Rangers fans across the area woke up to some breaking news on Monday morning that could send the entire fan base into “disaster mode”. But there really isn’t a full story to be revealed as of yet, because the rumor is he is being forced out, but according to some insiders on sports talk radio, are saying that it Is nothing more than John Daniels getting more control and Nolan can stay and be a figurehead.

The team is spinning this as more of taking day to day operations off of his plate, but it always seemed like Nolan enjoyed those day to day items. He will still be the CEO and have decision power, but now John Daniels will make baseball decisions and Rick George of the ownership group will have power of the business decisions.

While these moves were made back in November, they were finally being announced over the weekend and have since fired up the rumor mill. There is speculation this will lead to Ryan leaving Rangers as early as the end of spring training. And yes, if he does in fact leave, it will start a fire storm in Arlington. Because Nolan Ryan is one of the driving forces behind the success of the last few seasons, you can’t say he is solely responsible, but they started their climb towards the top when he took over.

One of the biggest rumors floating around right now is, Ryan could potentially leave the Rangers and head back to Houston, and this would be a huge kick in the gut for the Rangers, especially now the Astros will be a division foe. But after being stripped of his power, it is easy to see he could make the move. Not to mention Houston would be closer to his Alvin, Texas home than Arlington. And don’t forget, he does have a bigger tie to the Astros organization than the Rangers.

This may just be a small freak out for nothing; Nolan may have been part of the decision maker on this move. But from the outside looking it, this seems to have trouble written all over it, and losing the knowledge and experience Nolan has could end up setting the Rangers back 20 years. I am not taking anything away from John Daniels, he made some good moves before Nolan arrived, but his track record improved greatly after Nolan became the Team President.

Only time will tell what happens as the season gets closer, but the thought of John Daniels having free reign has to scare some fans who remember some of his earlier trades and signings.

Texas Rangers Becoming Major Player

Move over New York, Los Angeles and Boston; your aristocratic club just got a brand new member. Yes, I am talking about our Texas Rangers. No, I am not crazy, I have solid proof the Rangers have become a major player in the market and will give New York, Los Angeles and Boston a run for their money every year.

The Rangers made an impression in the market when they won the exclusive bidding rights and eventually signed Japanese sensation Yu Darvish. Nobody outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex expected the Rangers to even have a close bid. The Rangers have proven the last two seasons they can compete with the evil empires of the northeast and west coast on the field. Now this off season, they are proving they can stay with them step for step and dollar for dollar in the marketplace in the quality player hunt.

While Texas is the “New Kid” on the block with all of their recent on field success, it is starting to equate into some exciting moves off the field as well. Nolan Ryan being president (and part owner) has an appeal to a lot of players. But don’t discount John Daniels. He has been a shrewd GM and made moves that have shocked and surprised his staunchest critics. Suddenly Texas is becoming a “hot” destination for quality players. Everyone loves a winner. As the old adage goes, “build it and they will come”. Attendance records were broken this past two years and this will continue.

And don’t forget the loveable Ron Washington with his toddler like grin from the dugout. He is a true player’s manager, and has a passion that runs so deep even a fan in the nosebleeds can feel it emanating from him on the field. Everything is starting to add up for a great chance for the Texas Rangers to make their mark in Major League Baseball. Back to back World Series appearances are a good start.

This all started a few years ago when Nolan and John decided the way to build a winner was from the minors up. They placed their focus on the drafts and built towards a great future. They knew it was going to take time and lots of patience. Well, those were some dark days and everybody around the club wanted “JD” gone. But Nolan kept him around, and brought in some new ownership with a lot of money in their pockets. As soon as the sale was finalized and the old owner Tom Hicks was gone, things immediately got better.

Now the Texas Rangers are “wheeling and dealing” and starting to make themselves a destination for quality players instead of a joke. It has been a long road, and there are some painful memories for the fans, but brighter days are ahead. The Rangers are becoming a player in the free agent market, and have been a big time player in the draft. They have also developed a great group of players in their minor league farm system.

These are great days if you are a Rangers fan, and they only look to get better. As long as Nolan and JD run the show, this team will be relevant. So move over Yankees, and step aside Red Sox and Angels because we are crashing your monopoly and will have you uttering, “We shouldn’t have messed with Texas”.

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