Should the Cowboys trade Dez Bryant?

Now before you decide to jump my case and blast me for saying the Cowboys need to trade one of their best players, hear me out. I am not fully in favor of this idea, but looking at some teams who have picks above the Cowboys and knowing the needs of the team, there is something here that could make sense in the perfect scenario. Think of it this way, there are a few teams who have established quarterbacks, but don’t really have good receivers to help their quarterbacks out and what is one of the biggest things the Cowboys need? Defensive line help and offensive line help, now say one of these teams offers up their first round draft pick and maybe 2nd round draft pick to the Cowboys for Dez Bryant, would it be smart to trade him for a top defensive line prospect?
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Is Johnny Manziel un-draftable?

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel is at it again, as the College season came to a close, we started hearing less and less from “Johnny Football”. But now the draft is fast approaching and the combine will be starting soon, he decided to come out and speak. When asked his thoughts on Houston passing on him, he said “it would be the biggest mistake they could make”. Which is funny because he went on to politic for other teams and even said he “wants to be the guy to bring a Super Bowl to Cleveland”, he even went on to talk about how it would be folk lore if the Dallas Cowboys drafted him. Now pardon me while I pick myself off the floor from laughing at that last phrase. Continue reading

My case for Case Keenum

Case Keenum has been at the University of Houston for 6 years now, and for the last 3 years, he has been statistically one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game. If it weren’t for some very unfortunate injuries earlier in his career, he would already be raking in big money as an NFL quarterback.

Haven’t heard of him? Unless you are a serious fan you won’t even know who he is. But in this his last season, he is picking apart defenses and racking up stats to prove he is NFL ready and should be a solid Heisman candidate.

Last weekend, Keenum became the most prolific passer in NCAA history as he surpassed Timmy Chang, who rewrote the record books at the University of Hawaii. Case will probably break a few more records before his time in Houston is complete. During his years at Houston he is responsible for helping put the Houston Cougars back on the national map and establish a winning program again. For fans of the Cougars – that in itself is priceless.

Case is a very worthy candidate for the Heisman, but will probably be at a big disadvantage because he lost all of last year to a horrible leg injury. Some sports authorities are saying it is amazing he is even playing this season. With guys like Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson ahead of him on the Heisman list Case has a long way to climb. However in many ways Keenum is a better true NFL quarterback prospect than the two front runners.

Case Keenum probably won’t even be a number one pick in the draft; he will probably be a 2nd round pick or later. But if someone will take a risk on him as a first round (or high second round) pick, he could pay huge dividends. Who could that someone be? Do we have a deal maker…a gambler in the house? Case would look good with that blue star on his helmet.

I was fortunate enough to watch Case Keenum play earlier this year. He is one of the best I have seen in the game. He is an humble kid, not full of himself and doesn’t think he deserves anything. He works hard to improve everyday and all he wants to do is help his team win. Who wouldn’t want a combination of these talents and attributes as the leader of your team?

This my friends is my case for Case.

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First Round Draft Thoughts

 Last night we were treated to four hours of Draft coverage on ESPN, and it was as typical a draft coverage as there usually is. You got to hear Mel Kiper Jr., and Todd McShay spew their opinions for four solid hours, plus you heard from all the usual suspects. Sometimes there are good things that come from the Draft, then there are things that we can do without.

But once the first pick is made, that is all a moot point as NFL fans across the country start looking at and hoping their team makes the right call. The Carolina Panthers were the first team up and as they were expected to do, they chose Cam Newton with the first pick. As soon as the pick was announced, there were tons of people who were ready to anoint Cam as the next big bust, and there were people ready to label him a hall of famer.

While the guy has never taken an NFL snap, those thoughts seem like a snap judgement and unfair to some respect. But as with every number one pick, there will be a lot of hope and promise heading into the new season. As for the rest of the draft, picks clicked off one by one and were just about as expected. But the first surprise of the night had to be when the 49ers chose Aldon Smith out of Missouri and then the Jacksonville Jaguars traded up to get Jake Locker.

Locker going 8th was a big surprise to everyone because everyone outside of Todd McShay had him going in the 2nd round. After that shock, the draft clicked off at a good pace with pretty much everyone taking what was to be expected. While I am not considered a “draftnik” and I don’t spend hours looking at it. I think there were some good moves throughout the night. But the one thing people have to realize, is that there is a huge jump for these guys going from college to the pros.

So whether or not you love or hate your teams pick in round one. remember there are 6 more rounds to go and they will probably make some moves that will improve the team. So, prepare yourself for Round 2 tonight and I am sure there will be more surpirses and shocking picks in the next couple days. But the one thing a fan must remember about the following rounds, is that these are the guys who will contribute the most, because most of these picks are the unseen guys who don’t get the glory or a top pick.